Herbs that can keep you healthy

Health benefits of Onion

Top 12 Proven health benefits of Onion

Each and everything produced in soil has some medicinal properties in it. Many of us are unaware of this fact. Just take the example of condiments used in Indian cooking like chillies, garlic, ginger,...
Herbal benefits of Neem leaves

How to cure skin problems using neem?

Introduction to Neem Neem is one of the most powerful herbs used all across the globe. Neem belongs to kingdom Plantae and 'Meliaceae' family. Its binomial name is "Azadirachta indica". Neem is an evergreen tree...
health benefits of lotus seeds

Health Benefits of Lotus Seeds

The edible kernels of the lotus plant are called lotus seeds. Lotus seeds, roots, and blooms have long been valued in both Chinese and Japanese cultures. Lotus is one of the most popular aquatic...
health benefits of camphor

6 Health Benefits of Using Camphor

Camphor is a compound that is used in creams, ointments, and lotions all include this ingredient. Camphor oil is a steam-distilled oil that is derived from the wood of camphor trees. It can be...