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benefits of honey

Top Benefits of Honey

Let's know Honey a little better Honey is a liquid sweetener which is made by bees. They collect honey from flowers and buds which they take it to their hive and deposit it in their...
pumpkin seeds

Reasons why you should include pumpkin seeds in your diet

A big tree is also embedded into a small tiny seed, a larger blue whale is also hidden in its embryo. It proves that all the bigger and greatest things come from a tiny...

Basil Seeds: Uses, Health Benefits, Side Effects

Basil seeds are found from sweet basil plants. They are also known as sabja seeds. They look so tiny that you may call them onion seeds or sesame seeds. They are black in color....

Quinoa: Nutrition Facts, Health Benefits, and Dietary Tips

What is Quinoa? Quinoa is a plant from the Amaranth family. Basically, it is a seed but is used and considered as a grain. These are mustard-shaped tiny grains that have all the essential amino...