Herbal Medicine

Herbal treatment for a human problems

kitchen spices

12 Kitchen spices with their herbal benefits

Hey all, today let’s go back to our authentic Indian spices! The food prepared with the perfect ratio of herbs and spices tastes just wow! Do you know, we are actually underestimating our herbs...
Stop Dengue and cure it

5 Home Remedies to cure Dengue

Dengue; in India this small ailment has turned into a violent one. Dengue is a disease which spreads by vector host mosquito called 'Aedes'. Due to its rapid increase, it can be assumed that...
Beautiful and big eyes

How to make your eyes beautiful and healthy naturally

Our eyes are considered as the window of the soul. We humans have one pair of eyes that makes us liable to gaze the colourful world. Just imagine life without sight; everywhere dark! Eyes...
Natural Remedies to cure diseases

5 commonly seen diseases and its natural cure

According to a story; once a God in form of human was travelling with a wooden box. On the way he handed the box to one native person and advised not to open till...