Health Benefits of Dal to your body

benefits of dal

Dals (pulses) are very commonly used in Indian cuisine. Eating dal every day can help you to stay healthy and fit. Pulses are rich in iron, protein, and fiber. You may love it or not but it’s an integral part of the Indian family. Parents always try to convince their kids by explaining the benefits of eating dal every day. So in this article, we will get to know the benefits of dal eating every day.

A single bowl of dal contains many important nutrients and minerals including iron, potassium, zinc, and other vitamins. Its protein and fiber content helps to reduce weight. It gives a proper amount of nutrition and gives you energy. It controls appetite and keeps you away from overeating.

Different types of Pulses
Benefits of dal to your body

Pulses are good for your heart health. It helps to reduce bad cholesterol and controls blood pressure levels. Eating one bowl of pulses every day keeps your heart healthy. It helps in reducing cardiovascular diseases.

Different Dal and benefits of dal to your body


MOONG Dal: It is a variety of dals but moong dal is considered the best source of protein among all dals. Its low-fat content and high in protein in extremely light consumption. Eating dal every day can keep you away from the digestive issue. 

MASOOR DAL: Masoor dal or red lentils helps to boost immunity as it contains anti-oxidant properties. It promotes healthy skin and also helps in preventing pimples and acne. But eating too much masoor dal can have side effects also. For example, masoor dal raises your uric acid level so you must use it proportionately.

Many Indian families are vegan, dal is their main source of protein. They try different recipes from dal. But it is always a healthy and advisable option if you make it as simple as you can.

CHANA DAL: Bengal gram dal or Chana dal is the richest source of dietary protein. It helps to lower sugar levels. Like that kabooli dal helps to increase hemoglobin levels. It contains iron and folic acid. It promotes bone development and helps in strengthening the bones.

GREEN MOONG DAL-Green moong dal has many health benefits too. It is very light and easy to digest. Doctors advise such people to eat green moong dal. It helps in digestion. Regular consumption of green moong dal for some days can help you reduce extra cholesterol in the body.

URAD DAL – A proper amount of urad dal helps to reduce the burning sensation in urine.

TOOR DAL- This is the most favorite dal of people. This is known as the ”queen of pulses”. Toor dal is also called arhar dal. It contains nutrients like potassium, protein, vitamin B12, carbs, etc. But overeating is always prohibited.

Dal has an important role in weight loss. Having a balanced nutrient-rich diet helps to keep you fuller and stops you from overeating. Dal is the best option for this.

LOBIA/BLACK EYED PEAS – These oval beans have been cultivated in many countries. It is low in calories and supplies plenty of amino acids. It contains calcium, magnesium, zinc, and dietary fibers. It helps in promoting physical fitness. It helps for healthy metabolism in the body.

Summary of Benefits of dal to your body

Dals are ideal to prepare with curry, soups, sprouts, and many other Indian recipes. They are easy to cook and high in nutritional value. Everyone can benefit from adding dal to their diet. However, Ayurveda tells us that all pulses are not equal and may be more or less suited to different people differently based on their body type and health issues.

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