Treatment of Kidney failure in a natural way

Terming kidney failure as a disease would be an understatement as it is something that toll of one’s life. Kidney failure which is most of the cases is a permanent disease is also known as end-stage disease.
Human beings all around the world spent a lot of money get the cure kidney failure; though some are capable enough of getting expensive treatment and dialysis others put their hope on the medications. The problem has become so common these days that you can every other person suffering from it, especially the elders.
Kidney failure is very much common among the adults and old age. That is the reason the children and youths right from the school are taught to live a healthy life, so that they can avoid the disease altogether.
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Youth these days tend to go for the drinking and drugs, sometime due to peer pressure and while at the other time to achieve the ‘temporary solace’ from the world.It can also be genetic at times; the genetically inherited kidney failure is also known as polycystic kidney disease.
But there is no need to worry as nature has provided the human race with effective herbs that works wonders in keeping kidney healthy and fighting various kinds of ailments that can lead to kidney failure.

Some of the effective Ayurvedic herbs for kidney failure are as follows:

    1. Punarnava: Also known as hogweed is a very helpful and important herb in treating kidney failure. Punarnava helps in removing excess water in the body caused due to kidney failure.


    1. Rakt Chandan: Also goes by the name of red sandalwood is an excellent herbal remedy for kidney failure. It provides a cooling effect to the urinary effect and is a natural alkaliser.


    1. Gokshur: Other than being a herbal tonic for urinary system, it is primarily used as power and stamina enhancer in many parts of the world. It clears all kinds of obstruction in the urinary tract


    1. Varun: The herb is very effective in breaking down the renal stones and likewise clearing the passage for the urinary tract. It also helps in relieving swelling and excess fluid accumulation that is caused due to kidney failure.


  1. Kaasni: Commonly called a ‘chicory’ has proven to be very effective in providing strength to the kidneys and preventing other ailments that can cause kidney failure.

All the above mentioned will not only help in fighting acute kidney failure for various reasons but also in avoiding dialysis altogether.
Let’s look at some of the factors that can lead to kidney failure:
Many diseases that cause obstruction in the blood flow or slowing its place can lead to kidney failure.

    • Heart attack: People who are heart patient are very much fatal to kidney failure. In many cases when a person suffers heart attack, it badly affects the kidney and also resulting in kidney failure at times.


    • Heart disease medications: As said earlier heart patient are fatal to kidney failure. Any side effects or the excessive intake of heart makes our kidneys weak.


    • Severe Hydration: As water is a very essential component of our body, playing a major role in various kinds of bodily function, severe hydration along with other health problems can lead to kidney failure.


  • Blood loss: Meanwhile, blood loss because of any kind of accident or loss of essential fluids of the body can also become the reason of acute kidney failure.

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Given below are some of the ways which if applied on the daily basis can help a person to maintain a healthy kidney and protect it from any kind of disease altogether.

    • Exercise: Workout on the daily basis can work wonders in keeping the body organs healthy and preventing the attack of any kind of foreign objects.


    • Low-fat diet: High cholesterol in the body tends to make our heart weak which eventually affect the kidney. Therefore trying opting for a low fat and that of low salt.


  • Avoid tobacco: Tobacco poses a disastrous effect on our kidney, so doctors recommend avoiding the intake of tobacco altogether.

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