Top 10 Health Benefits of Sweet Potato


Sweet potato is one one of the sweet gifts gifted to us by nature. Along with it’s sweet taste, it is loaded with various nutrients and minerals and has numerous health benefits. Sweet potato variety with white or pale yellow flesh are less sweet and moist than those with red, pink or orange flesh. Based on the production volume, sweet potato ranks as fifth most important food crops in the world.

Sweet potato holds first rank (super-food) in nutrition among vegetables. Sweet potato when eaten with skin have more fibre than oat meal. It protects cigarette smokers from emphysema and also helps in fetal development and also helps in alleviating muscle cramps which are often related to potassium deficiency due to its high potassium content. It also contains magnesium, a crucial mineral for de-stressing which promotes relaxation and calmness and also provides nerve health. As a nutraceutical, it can be formulated into semi-solid food products like soups, beverages, breakfast cereals, in desserts etc.

The sweet potato is a dicotyledonous plant. It’s edible part is tuber. They are mostly confused with yams but sweet potatoes carry more nutritional value than yams and yams are comparitively bigger in size than sweet potatoes. It is considered as a cheapest source of anti-oxidants.

Kingdom: Plantae

Family: Convulvulaceae

Botanical Name: Ipomoea batatas

Common Name: Shakargand

Phyto – chemical constituents present in Sweet Potatoes

It’s leaf contains various phenolic acids such as – caffeic acid, caffeoylquinic acid derivatives like – chlorogenic acid, isochlorogenic acid, hydroxyl cinnamic acid etc. It’s root contains coumarins like – scopolatin, esculetin, umbelliferone, peonidin, cyanidins etc. and various triterpenes and steroids like – beta – amirin acetate, bohmrylacetate and friedelin. It’s tuber root contains various alkaloids like – calystegine B1, calystegine B2, calystegine C1, calystegine B3 and ipomine. It’s root is a rich source of carbohydrates such as – starch, sugar and dietary fiber. It’s root and leaf contain anthocyanins like – carotenoids (beta-carotene, leutine) and also contain tannins like – Phlobatannin and it’s leaf contains flavonoids such as – tiliroside, astragalin, rhamnocitrin, rhamnetin and the leaf also contains saponins and enzymes like – chitinases.

Sweet potatoes are rich in Vitamins like – A, B, C and E and it is a rich source of amino acids like – Threonine, valine, methionine, isoleucine, leucine, tyrosine, phenylalanine, lysine, tryptophan, aspartic acid, serine, glutamic acid, proline, glycine, alanine, histidine and arginine. Vitamins C and E are the excellent sources of anti-oxidants thus helps in preventing various diseases and also enhance the beauty of skin and hair. Vitamin A or beta-carotene helps in maintaing eye’s health. Thus, the combination of these vitamins make the sweet potato one of the healthiest foods. These nutrients collectively contribute to healthy and glowing complexion as well as shiny hair. There are various trace elements found in sweet potatoes like– manganese, iron and potassium. Manganese is an important component in the metabolism of carbohydrates. Sweet potatoes contain carotenoids as well that help to stabilise blood sugar levels and lowers the insulin resistance which helps in metabolism. Carotenoids serve as a co-factor in enzymes that helps in generation of energy and it is useful in the treatment of anaemia and also useful in treating pre-menstrual syndrome in women.

Sweet potatoes are also rich in fibre. This high fibre is beneficial in weight loss.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Sweet Potato

1. For Heart Health

It contains large amounts of Vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 helps in homocysteine breakdown as homocysteine contributes to the hardening of arteries and blood vessels. It helps in keeping the blood vessels walls flexible and allows normal blood flow.

2. For maintaining Blood Pressure

Sweet potato contains high amounts of potassium. Potssium helps in maintaining or lowering the blood pressure by eliminating excess sodium salts from the body thus regulates the fluid balance. It is also an important electrolyte that maintains normal functioning of the brain and nervous system.

3. For boosting Immune system

Sweet potato also contains Vitamin C. This vitamin is important for immune system as well as for maintaining overall health of the individual.

4. For stress issues

As sweet potatoes are a good source of magnesium which is considered as an anti-stress mineral, it helps to reduce stress levels. This element is also useful in maintaining healthy heart, arteries, bones, muscles etc

5. For Emphysema treatment

For smokers, the intake of sweet potatoes is highly beneficial as it helps in the treatment of emphysema.

6. For fetal development

Pregnant women must include sweet potatoes in their diet as they are rich in folates. Due to their high folate content, it is necessary for healthy fetal cell and tissue development.

7. For diabetes

Sweet potato is considered low on the glycemic index scale as indicated in recent research. It helps in reducing the episodes of low blood sugar and insulin resistance in people with diabetes. Studies have also shown that people suffering from type 1 diabetes who consume high fibre diet have low blood glucose levels and people having type 2 diabetes may have improved blood sugar levels. One medium sweet potato provides about 6 grams of fibre.

8. For preventing Cancer

Among men, diet rich in beta – carotene may play a protective role in preventing prostate cancer. Sweet potatoes contains higher amounts of beta-carotene.

9. For chronic Inflammation

Sweet potatoes contain a versatile nutrient choline which helps in good sleep, muscle movement, memory and learning. Choline also helps to maintain the structure of cell membranes and also helps in the transmission of nerve impulses, reduces chronic inflammation and also assists in the absorption of fat.

10. For Fertility

For females of child bearing age, consumption of irronb from plant-based sources helps in promoting infertility. The beta-carotene which gets converted into Vitamin A is essential during lactation and pregnancy as well.


Sweet potatoes must be stored at 80-90% relative humidity.

It must be stored in a cool, dark place having good ventilation. Use it within 2 weeks and do not store it in refrigerator.


Excess consumption of sweet potato is contradicted in patients who have a history of kidney stones as the vegetable contains oxalate which contributes to the formation of calcium-oxalate kidney stones.

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