home remedies to treat hives

Home remedies to treat hives (urticaria) naturally

What are Hives An itchy, occasionally lumpy rash known as hives (urticaria) might emerge on the skin's surface. Medications and natural treatments can frequently effectively treat hives and significantly lessen symptoms. Hives are extremely irritating,...

Management of Heatstroke – Lifestyle and Home Remedies

Heatstroke-A brief introduction Heatstroke, or sunstroke as it is also called, is an ‘overheated body’ condition in which the temperature of the body rises above 37 degree Celsius -- which is the ‘normal’ body temperature...

Home Remedies for Patients with Kidney Disease

As per Ayurvedic principles, Kidneys are one of the three major vital organs of the human body, two other being the Heart and the Brain. This makes it pretty obvious to understand that the...
hair care with ayurvedic remedies

Hair Care with Proven Ayurvedic Remedies

Everyone experiences some amount of hair fall daily, which is normal. But if you are experiencing a lot of hair fall then, it needs to be corrected. Do you wake up with hairs fallen all...