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Kidneys are an important part of the body, which are located on both of the spine and in middle of the back. Kidneys perform various life-supporting duties such as purifying the blood by removing water particles from it. It also removes extra liquid from the blood and maintains the blood pressure in the body. However, when the kidneys stop performing their operations the situation is called as kidney failure. Kidney failure can occur suddenly or slowly. Mostly the failures are permanent and they are termed as end-stage renal diseases or ESRD.

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  • Severe drops in the flow of blood to the kidneys or excessive loss of blood due to an injury are reasons of kidney failure. Along with the above-mentioned reasons, sepsis is also the root cause of this problem.
  • Antibiotics, blood pressure pills affect the functioning of kidneys. In addition, the dyes that are used in X-ray tests have negative effects.
  • The blockage that prohibits the flow of urine out from the body gives rise to the kidney problems. The key reasons of blockage are the kidney stones and tumors.
  • Prolonged diseases like high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes cause kidney related problems.


  • Urination problems
  • Fatigue and stress
  • Itching and rashes on the skin
  • Foul taste in the mouth
  • Breathing problems and ammonia breath
  • Flank ache


Punarnava – The scientific term of Punarnava is boerhavia diffusa. An herbal diuretic induces and provides relief in painful micturition. It removes extra liquid from the body and does not have any side effect.

Kaasni – It is an effective alkaliser, which provide strength to the kidneys. It is beneficial in acute and chronic kidney diseases. The scientific name of Kaasni is cichorium intybus.

Varun – The scientific name given to this herb is crataeva nurvela and this herb is helpful in treating urine related problems. It also relieves swelling and removes stones from the kidney.

Gokshur – The other name of this herb is tribulus terrestris. This herb clears the urinal tract, provides strength to kidney cells, and regenerates them. This herb helps in avoiding dialysis.

Palaash – It is a beautiful tree which cures kidney related problems. The common name of this herb is butea monosperma. This herb is also an important alkaliser that aids in kidney problems.

Rakt Chandan – The Latin name of this herb is P. santalinus. It revives the kidneys naturally by its anti-infective nature. It is a natural coolant and provides relief in urinary disorders.


Planet Ayurveda is a leading company that creates best herbal medicines that are helpful in treating kidney failures. The remedies provided by them are very safe and are free from side effects and anyone can consume them. They provide a combo pack that contains all the essential elements, which are helpful in curing kidney disorders.

The elements of reviving kidney pack are as follows

1. Rencure formula

This formula works on the ancient principle, which is the best feature of this medicine. It fights with the toxins and the causes of kidney diseases. The herbs present in these medicines help in avoiding dialysis. The ingredients of this formula are punarnava, varun, palaash, gokshur, and kaasni. It is a complete herbal medicine and there are no chemicals in it.

Dose- 2 capsules daily twice with plain water after meals

2. Mutrakrichantak Churna

It is an effective blend of herbs, which help in curing kidney disorders and painful urination situations as well. It also reduces high urea and uric acid levels in the body and is helpful in kidney stones. Apart from this disease, it also cures prostate enlargement. The contents of this powder are also the best. The elements are trin panch mool, shishir, apamarg, shigru, rakt Chandan etc.

Dose- 1 full tbsp. daily twice with plain water only after meals

3. Punarnava Mandur

these tablets are the best ayurvedic medicines for reducing water and swelling in the body. These tablets also decrease swelling in feet, joint, and fluid buildup. Punarnava Mandur tablets cure liver-related problems, which is an additional feature of this medicine.

Dose- 2 tablets thrice daily with plain water strictly after meals

4. Varunadi vati

These pills are made by using Varun and other essential herbs that aid in kidney problems. It reduces pain that is caused by renal stones. It maintains creatinine levels in the body as well as saves from surgeries. Apart from the removal of toxins, Varunadi Vati clears the urinary passage and provide a long lasting relief to the patient.

Dose- 2 tablets thrice daily after meals with water

Kidneys play a very crucial role in the proper functioning of the human body. Therefore, instead of giving the chemical load to the kidneys they must be cured with ayurvedic medicines.


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