Common things about Kidney diseases and its Ayurvedic remedy

Ayurvedic remedies for kidney diseases
Kidney stone
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Common things about kidney diseases

We will cover Ayurvedic remedies for kidney diseases in this article. Nature has provided us a well-built body that comprises several organs and parts. Those organs which are located inside the body are called ‘internal organs’. For example lungs, stomach, kidneys, intestines, and many more. With all these specific parts; certain organ systems are made like the respiratory system, circulatory system, etc. which directly contribute to an ‘individual’.


The human body is the most beautiful and advanced creation of nature and in addition to this, nature has also provided several ailments and diseases to it. It surely depends on us, how we care about it. In the presence of carelessness, it leads to being suffocated with diseases that can be life-threatening too.

Excretory system

Example of Excretory system
Excretory system

When we intake and ingest food, it is digested and then the nutrient molecules are absorbed by the cells. The system which is responsible for flush out of waste materials from the body is called ‘excretory system’. The excretory system comprises of several organs which are important for a well-functioning system.

Waste materials come out in the form of urine and excreta. The urethra, kidneys, ureters, vena cava, urinary bladder, etc all are the parts of the excretory system. Here we will be talking about kidneys; which are one of the most specific organs of the body and comes under the category of ‘vital organs’.


Kidneys are the bean-shaped organs that are located in the abdominal cavity; one on each side of the spine. We, humans, possess two kidneys; it is pink-brownish in color and weighs 125-155 gms. The functional unit of the kidney is ‘nephron’. The study of kidneys and renal system is called ‘Nephrology’ and the specialist physician is called ‘Nephrologist’.

Functions of Kidneys:-

As every organ has its own function and contributes to a healthy body; similarly kidneys are also meant for some specific functions and properties. Firstly, it is meant for the excretion of wastes. The waste includes urea, nitrogenous wastes, uric acid, several toxins, water, etc. Kidneys are also responsible for the absorption of vital nutrients like glucose, calcium, amino acids, etc.

It has also many functions like hormone secretion, blood pressure regulation, osmolality regulation, and many more.

Kidney diseases:-

As we discussed, every organ has its own functions and in any case, if these are disrupted due to internal or external factors; it leads to diseases. What are diseases? What is its simpler meaning; dis=lack of, ease=comfort.

The disease is a situation in which our body tends to be uncomfortable; carelessness and improper care can even raise the symptoms leading to its fatality. Every disease starts from a minor; and due to several circumstances, these are raised to major.

There are many forms of kidney diseases; well associated with each and every sub-part of the kidney. Swelling in ureters or kidneys; shrunken kidneys, stones in several parts; cancers, etc are some of the examples. It’s a fact and unfortunate thing, major kidney diseases are detectable only when it reaches the severity of 70%.

What actually raises the severity?

Here comes a question- What are the actual reasons that lead to an immediate raise an ailment? In most of cases, it is seen; as the disease gets diagnosed it becomes a hectic as well as panic situation for the patient. They get worried; and in that case, they immediately go through procedures like surgeries and transplants which are not a bit good.

In place of this, they should have patience and choose the right way of herbal treatment with self-dedication. In stone problems, if you go through operation the body part will develop the capability for them, again and again, the formation of stones.

Causes of Kidney diseases

Kidney diseases or renal disorders; can be caused due to several reasons. Some of them are listed below-

  • Intake of heavy allopathic medicines; especially the painkillers and analgesics.
  • Raw processed Ayurvedic medicines can also cause renal diseases. Many of the medicines contain metal extracts in it. If those are in the raw state and not processed well then can be hazardous.
  • Heavy, fried, spicy, and junk foods. One can have it but not as a regular intake. Once ingested, these are no more than a slow poison for you.
  • Excessive use of salt and spices
  • Less intake of water
  • Over intake of oily kinds of stuff etc

Kidney stones

Ayurvedic remedies for kidney diseases
Kidney stone

These are some of the most common renal disorders among all. You would be thinking stones in the kidney? These stones are the sedimentation of mineral salts, urea, and other compounds. Except for kidneys, stones can be formed in other parts too like the thyroid, neck, groin, gall bladder, etc, and in India, 4-5 crore of people are suffering from kidney and gall bladder stone.

In the allopathic section, there is no cure for stones; the only way is to operate them or in severe cases operate the part itself. 80-90% of stones are caused due to heavy cholesterol problems. In order to avoid it, you must be strict with your diet.

When we intake heavy, junky, and spicy food; the cells of kidneys get slowly exhausted leading to depleting capacity of kidneys. Our kidney starts getting unable to remove waste products and slowly these mineral salt gets sediment into ureters and walls of kidneys; leading to the formation of stones.

Shrunken kidneys/ Renal Parenchymal disease

Due to the over-processing of mineral salts; slowly our kidneys start shrinking. Its size gets reduced; and working capability too. In the first two stages, several complications re noticed; mostly which are avoided. In this case, slowly your body starts losing its capacity and health too. This disease can be even fatal if not well-treated.

Symptoms of kidney diseases

  1. Pain in the abdomen area
  2. Heavy itching in the skin
  3. Edema
  4. Puffing of face, limbs, and skin
  5. Dark and less urination
  6. Insomnia and feel of discomfort
  7. Weakness with fatigue
  8. In chronic cases, shortness of breathing is also seen
  9. Muscle swelling and stiffness.
  10. Vomiting
  11. Hypertension; which is difficult to control

Allopath treatment

allopath for kidney diseases

If you are diagnosed with chronic kidney illness, then most probably the nephrologist will provide you some drugs of calcium acetate and other. Several, multi-vitamin tablets can also be provided. In severe cases, injections are also prescribed.

Renal Dialysis

Dialysis also called artificial kidney it is a method through which the waste products from your body is distracted. Well, it’s a very painful process in which your arms or chest is provided with needles and catheters.

Renal dialysis section
Renal dialysis

When the creatinine level gets high and the kidneys are unable to remove waste then the process is required. Before dialysis, a fistula is set on the arms or groin. Most probably, dialysis is suggested as once a month or twice. But in severe cases, it can be turned as once or twice a week. It must be known that once step into dialysis; it will a regular process and you can’t escape it.

Kidney transplant

renal dialysis

It is the biggest procedure in kidney treatment. God has gifted us two kidneys; if both of them get diseases or shrunken then the last option is to transplant only. In this very process, a donor’s kidney is required which is operated on the lower ureter and is practiced to function well.

The diseased kidney can be taken out or is left in its place. This is a quite big operation which takes 2-3 months to fully recover. In hospitals, a special ward is meant for transplant; the success rate varies according to the patient, severity, and the facility provided. But it’s a fact, a transplanted kidney is well only till 5-7 years; after that, it starts getting ruptured.

Various Ayurvedic treatment


Horrified with the allopathic treatment! Painful processes, incisions, low success rate, huge wastage of money etc are no more than goosebumps for the patient! It feels like there is no alternative for this. Making the heart as stone; we have to march to allopathy only; doesn’t matters what will be the outcome!

Now, you have the option! No need to stay horrified, just stay calm and believe on spiritual powers which balance the whole world. Every lock has a key! Similarly, these diseases and maladies are also the creation of god itself; so it’s a fact there must be a curing procedure too.

It is 500 years ancient treatment called “Ayurveda”. It’s a holistic treatment that accompanies with natural herbs, yoga, pranayama, meditation, and many more. It says, if the disease is inside you then the remedy must be there only; why searching outside! So, lets march to the divine world of Ayurveda and gaze its results.

Ayurvedic treatment of Kidney diseases

As in other fields of treatment, it has some dose packages; similarly, in the concerned field we will be providing three doses; all of them are necessary and must be practiced for best results. These are-

  • Pranayama
  • Acupressure
  • Ayurveda/Herbal medicine and some home remedies.


Breathing pranayama
breathing exercise

Any kind of healing action, which accompanies with breathing and meditation which ere-energizes your soul with universal energy is called ‘Pranayama’.

  • Kapalbhati pranayama is the best remedy for the shrunken kidney. It is like to fill a balloon with air which makes it lively. 15-20 minutes of Kapalbhati pranayama will steadily melt the stones and will recharge the nephrons.
  • Agnisar kriya; it is like an internal exercise for kidneys. It’s difficult to be carried out; so you should perform it as per your energy level.
  • Anulom vilom pranayama for 15-20 minutes.
  • Sit in the Padmasana pose and continue bhastrika pranayama for 2-5 minutes with a dedicative and curing feeling.
  • Bajya pranayama should also be performed for 2-5 minutes; those suffering from cervical pain, B.P, migraine disorder, etc should not perform it.


In kidney illness, the patient loses its energy; it becomes the biggest problem. You should perform pranayama as per your capacity and feel as you are getting cured. Universal power is self-healing you and after a few practices, you will be okay. That’s all you need!



It is a remedy which is very famous in Chinese culture. It believes that all the channels and points on your body have some specifications and keeping this in mind; the healing process is carried out.

  1. The middle center point on soles and palms; is the kidney point. Press in the middle for 5 minutes. Insoles; you cause some hard things like the backside of the pen. It will pain but is very useful.
  2. Top of the little finger and the toe; 5-5 minutes both in the hands and legs. This works really well.

Herbal medicines

Herbal medicines

Nature has provided us everything. All the remedies are hidden in front of us and the only thing we need is consciousness to gaze it. Following ate the herbal medicines which are one of an integral part of the Ayurvedic cure.

  • Avoid the food which contains seed; tomato, egg-plant etc.
  • Have 3-5 leaves of kidneywort (Patthar chata) in empty stomach. After having it, directly take a glass of water. It is one of the best cure for kidney diseases.
  • Take 10 gm of Yavak chaar, 10 gm of Shwet parpati, 10 gm of Mooli chaar and 10 gm of Hajral yahood bhasm. Mix all the ingredients well and take 1-1 gm twice a day.
  • Make a liquid solution; Gokhru, Pashan bhed, Varun bark, ounarnava mool and kulthi. Boil in 2 glasses of water till it gets 1/2 glass. Have it once a day. In chronic illness, you can increase the amount of gokhru seeds.
  • You can also use kulthi dal; it melts stone and is very good for kidneys. Soak kulthi for overnight and boil it. drink the water added with rock salt.
  • In any kind of kidney ailment; have 1-1 tablets of Chandraprabha vati and Vaksharaj guggal twice a day.
  • Neem is the miracle for kidney ailments. Have 2 tablespoons of neem juice twice a day.
  • Pepal juice also normalizes creatinine level.
  • Take 5-5 gm of pepal and neem bark; use the dried bark not the living one. Cook in 2 glass till it gets 1/2 glass. Have it 50-50 gm twice a day.
  • Take Amrita sat 10 gm, Hazral yahood bhasm 10 gm, Punarnava mool 10 gm, Swarna makshik bhasm 5 gm and 1-2 gm of Swarna basanat malti ras. Make 7 doses; and take it once a day with water or honey.


Home remedies
Home remedies
  1. Early morning after waking up, drink 4 glasses of water. It has been noticed those who are in the 1st stage of kidney stone are cured just with water and Kapalbhati pranayama stone came out in 3-4 days only.
  2. Bottle gourd juice is best for all kinds of ailments. For kidney patients, use bottle gourd juice as well as a curry of it.
  3. Bitter gourd vegetable is a miracle for kidney patients. You can include it in your daily diet.
  4. Water intake should be lesser for kidney patients.

Healing tip

This very thing is like self-healing. Guys, its a fact- when we are happy, recovery is very fluent. We can’t even guess about the inert feeling of those who are the victims! They feel lost. The most important thing they need with treatment is;; encouragement and ownness!

If this very thing is avoided then the healing is just physical. This time the patient needs a hand to hold and encouraging voice. This makes their mental set-up “Yes, I’ll be cured!”. Support them and make them feel as they are not alone! Take care live well!

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