How to Get Rid of Under Eye Bags

under eye bags treatment
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Under eye bags form when you get older. It’s a natural ageing process. The muscles and tissues around the eye become weak and it looks like a bubble. The skin loses firmness, gets wrinkled and sags around the eye. It looks puffy and swollen because our skin loses its collagen over a period of time. There are different ways to reduce undereye puffiness. Under eye puffiness can be treated at an early period through some home remedies and regular care. If someone is facing a long time under eye puffiness then he/she may have to take medical treatment.

under eye bags

Some home remedies for Under Eye Bags are:

  • Use tea bags                                            
  • Cold compress                                         
  • Enough sleep
  • Quit smoking                                                               
  • Cutting salt                                                  
  • Use sunscreen                                                               
  • Quit alcohol                                                           
  • Cucumber juice                                                       
  • Coconut oil                                                           
  • Eat more fish                                                                
  • Drink more water
  • Eat iron rich food etc.
home remedies for under eye bags

Tea bags

You can use compressed cold tea bags to do this, you have to soak the tea bag in normal clean water. Keep in the fridge for about 10 minutes. Place the teabag in your under-eye area for 5 -10 minutes. Then rinse with lukewarm water.

Cold compress

To do this method keep a spoon in the fridge for 30 minutes. Take out a spoon from the deep fridge and massage your under eye for some time. Do this twice daily. You can also keep your eye mask in deep fridge for 10 minutes and wear it for some time, you will feel relaxed and slowdown of puffiness.

Enough sleep

This is so much necessary to take adequate sleep to keep your eyes healthy and whole-body functionality. Without proper sleep, no treatment can work to treat under-eye bags. So this is always advisable to take 8 hours of sleep hours in a day. 

Quit smoking

Smoking can dry up your skin which leads to saggy skin and gradually skin loses its elasticity. 

Cucumber juice

Grate some cucumber and take out the juice. Take a cotton ball and soak it. Apply around the eye. You can keep the cotton ball for some time. You can mix some potato juice with cucumber juice. That will also help you to get rid of dark circles as well. 

 Cutting salt

Taking too much salt will make you feel bloated and puffy. If you are taking too much of salt, make sure you drink enough water to avoid dehydration.

Apply sunscreen

Apply sunscreen twice daily whether you are going out in Sun or staying inside. This is always necessary to protect your skin. Apply SPF moisturiser before going to bed. It protects you from premature ageing.

Quit alcohol

Drinking alcohol may lead to dehydration. Drink enough water to get rid of bags and dark circles around your eyes.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil helps to moisturise your skin. Take some coconut oil in your hand, and rub around the eyes gently. Leave it overnight and rinse it off in the morning. It will help you to minimise wrinkles and fine lines.

Potato juice

Potato juice helps to promote healthy skin. Grate a potato and take out some juice. Soak a cotton ball and keep it on your eyes or just pat it for 5 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water. It contains enzymes which help to alleviate water retention.

Vitamin E oil

Vitamin E oil helps to reduce signs of ageing. It protects you from free radicals and builds good collagen. Take some drops of oil and massage lightly before going to bed. It will give you a natural glow in the morning.

Get iron-rich food

iron-rich food includes cereals, peas, red meat, seafood, and green leafy vegetables. This food may help you to get healthy skin and get rid of iron deficiency which causes puffy eyes and dark circles. You can eat salmons as it contains omega 3 fatty acids which help to improve blood flow in the skin and helps to look shiny and glowy.


No home remedies are harmful as all these are our daily needs. Yet you should take medical treatment if you don’t get any visible results after trying home remedies. Medical treatment like botox, laser, filler etc. can help you to plump up under the eyes.

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