Medicinal benefits of cute flower Marigold

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Flowers are the most beautiful and attractive parts of the plant. They are present in varieties of colours, shapes, textures, fragrances and many more. Every flower has their own fragrance; even some are odourless too like hibiscus, lotus etc. Today we will discuss “Medicinal benefits of  Marigold”. Every living thing gets attracted towards it; humans, animals, insects, birds all. Honeybees sucks nectar from it to make honey. Marigold is a flower which as a very pleasant, sharp-sweet and delighting fragrance. Many of us don’t know about the healing benefits of marigold. Here we will be talking about the same.

Appearance and Nomenclature:-


Marigold is a herbaceous annual plant and is approximately 2-4 ft tall and hairy. The branches are also hairy and colours like green, red and purple. It is commonly seen and grown in houses, parks, gardens, parks, resort place etc. Due to its, beautiful appearance and fragrant flowers; the plant is liked by all. Leaves are also hairy and release astringent fragrance when crushed. The flower has several colouring chemicals and bears seeds which are black and long. An oil is derived which has sharp fragrance.


It is present in different varieties; Hazara which bears big flowers; Kaukhan which has red-yellow flowers and Surnai. Marigold plant becomes to kingdom Plantae and ‘Asteraceae’ family. Its binomial name is “Tagetes erecta”.


General uses of Marigold:-

  1. Due to the sharp smell of flowers, it acts as a natural mosquito repellent. If you plant it around your house then it si sure that you will be protected with mosquitoes.
  2. It is used during aroma therapy for skin treatment.
  3. As the flower is very bright; it is used to extract dyes from it.
  4. The leaves are also used as a part of salad dressing.
  5. Due to its beautification and pleasant fragrance the flowers are majorly used in Indian wedding.
  6. The flowers are regarded sacred and pure so mostly used in worshipping.

Healing/Medicinal benefits of marigold:

For cracked heels and palms:

This case is mostly seen during winters and casually; when your body is unable to retain moisture. Mix the juice of its leaves with Vaseline or other cracked ointment; and apply on hands and legs. Use this twice a day; it is capable to cure cracked heels and rough hands.

For cancers:

Marigold flower has the antibiotic quality which has a property to kill cancer cells. Apart from this, it is also beneficial in curing certain other diseases too. Prepare herbal tea using marigold petal and leaves; it is rich in lycopene hence a barrier against cancer.

As a face pack:

Crush the orange marigold petals with turmeric and lemon drops. Mix well to form a paste and apply on face. It is very good thing to cure pimples, wrinkles, pigmentation and other signs of ageing. You can also use marigold tea on regular basis as it contains Vitamin C and detoxifies body system.

Treats piles:

Take 10 gm marigold leaves and 2 gm black pepper. Grind well and give this to patient; it is very beneficial for curing piles. Fry 5-10 gm flower petals in ghee and give this to the patient thrice a day. It controls bleeding piles.

For urinary disorders:

In case of any kind of urinary disorder, give to juice of marigold juice with sugar thrice a day. It normalizes the flow of urine and is also effective in curing other disorders too.

For Bronchitis and Asthma:

Take 2-5 gm of marigold seeds powder with 10 gm sugar and 1 teaspoon of curd. Give this to the patient thrice a day. It is helpful in curing cough. While having this; one should avoid water.

 There are other Medicinal benefits of  Marigold, but these are the main Medicinal benefits of  Marigold. If you think we missed some pints, please feel free to comment.

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