Medicinal benefits of Black Plum or Jambul fruit


Juicy and delicious fruits are liked by all. Being tasty, these edibles looks quite attractive and colourful too. Because of their appearance, apart from humans; animals, insects and birds all are attracted towards it.
Here we will be talking about a purple-black coloured fruit called “Black Plum” or “Jambul”. So, lets proceed to the health benefits of black plum.

Jamun fruit being sold in markets.
Jamun fruit in Indian markets



Jambul is an evergreen plant which is find in both; wild as well as in cultivated form. Mostly it is found everywhere; forests, gardens, backyards, bonsai form and many more. It is a commonly known plant which is about 100 ft tall and 12 ft wide. It bears bottle-green coloured leaves which are 3-6 inches, long, broad, shiny and with smooth peel.

Jamun tree in farm
Jamun tree

It bears oval , green and 1 1/2 inch long fruits which turns purplish when ripen and dark blue when fully matured. It has 1-2 cm long seed inside which tastes bitter. Plant bears flowers in April-June and develops into fruits in June-July.

Nomenclature of Jambul:-

Ripen Black plum
Indian Jamun

This very plant belongs to kingdom ‘Plantae’ and “Myrtaceae” family. Its binomial name is Syzygium cuminii. Well, Jambul comes under the English term but it is called Jamun in Hindi. Whereas in Sanskrit it is called Jambu or Mahaphala.

Chemical composition and nutrients of Jambul:-

Developing Jamun in different stages
Unripe Jamun

The seeds have small amounts of alkaloid, volatile oils, gallic acid, fatty resin and albumen. Jambul is rich in dietary fibres, water, protein, fat, Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, C, calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, sodium, phosphorus and many other trace metals.

Uses of Jambul:-

Black plum juice
Jamun juice

Jambul or Jamun fruit is multi-use in nature. Firstly, in the ripe stage it is simply consumed as a fruit. It is advised to have jamun fruit with salt due to some health reasons. Black Plum is used to prepare candies, jams, squash, juice, dessert items and many more.

Medicinal benefits of Black Plum:-

1. For oral problems:-

Massage the ash of Jambul leaves on teeth and gums. It strengthens your oral muscles. Gargle with the jambul powdered seeds and water. It is helpful to treat all kinds of oral disorders like halitosis, oral cancer and many more. In case of pyorrhoea, take the juice of ripe black plum  and gargle with it.

2. For eye disorders:-

In case of eye problems in children during teething, boil 15-20 tender jambul leaves  in 500 ml water till water is reduced to 1/4th. Rinse the eyes with this decoction. In case of cataract disorder in adults, mix the powder of its seed with honey and prepare tablets of 3 gm each. Give this tablet twice a day.

3. For Diabetes:-

Grind 100 gm root of jambul in 250 ml of water and 20 gm of sugar in it. Give this to the patient twice a day before meals. Boil 250 gm of ripen jambul in 500 ml of water for sometimes. Turn off the flame and crush the fruits; give this to the patient thrice a day. It cures diabetes as well as general weakness.

4. For Dysentery:-

Boil 10 gm of bark in 500 ml water till water gets reduced to 1/4th. Give 20-30 gm of this decoction twice to thrice a day. It cures dysentery and acute diarrhoea.

5. For Liver disorders:-

In case of any kind of liver disorder; on a regular basis have its ripen fruits and juice. The fruit has the traces of iron in it which is soft enough to cure any kind of damage. In case of liver swelling, give 15 gm juice of its seeds.

6. For ulcers:-

Sprinkle 2-5 gm powder of its bark on the ulcer. It helps to heal the wound faster. Tie poultice of its 5-6 leaves; it cleanses the wounds and ulcers and helps them heal faster.

Important cures of Black Plum-

Apart from above listed cures, there are also many general healing benefits of black plum. Some of them are listed below:-

  1. It is beneficial to strengthen your cardiac muscles and normalizes heart beat.
  2. Its regular and ample consumption also controls boils, acne and eruptions on skin.
  3. It is helpful to cure diarrhoea due to pitta and clears the voice.
  4. Black plum squash is beneficial to cure vomiting, bleeding, diarrhoea, piles and other allergies.
  5. It relieves fatigue, asthma, cough, mouth and throat related problems.

Things to remember before eating Black plum

It’s a human being nature; when we find something really delicious and tasty; our tongue becomes superior than stomach. It means we get eager to eat more and more of that stuffs. Well, it’s not a good thing from the view of health.

This case relies upon everything; it can even damage your health. Following are some of the tips which you should keep in mind while having black plum-

  1. Eating excess amount of ripen plum may damage your stomach and lungs as it gets digested very slowly.
  2. It enhance cough formation and causes gas formation in lungs.
  3. Excessive intake may also result in fever.
  4. It must be eaten with salt mixed in it.

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