12 Medicinal Benefits of Bauhinia plant


In India, plants and herbs are worshipped as a God. This is not our backwardness, it actually shows our devotion to those natural resources which are like our lifeline. They provides us shade, fruits, vegetables, oils, wood and many other things which are very important for our survival. Today our topic is on a tree plant which is rich in medicinal values i.e., to cure our diseases naturally. It is called Bauhinia plant. Bauhinia plant has numerous benefits and we will be talking 12 medicinal benefits of Bauhinia plant.

Bauhinia or Kachnar is a herb plant which has a very important place in Ayurvedic treatments. It is grown all over India; it is also a self-grown tree and can be found in parks, streets, as an ornamental plant in backyards and many more.Flowers of Bauhinia plant do resemble those of orchids, and are the main attraction. Colours of white, purple, pink, lavender, red, orange, and yellow are all found within the Bauhinia range, and colour depends on species. Some are rare, but most are attainable.

Appearance of Bauhinia plant:-

Bauhinia trees are 15-20 ft tall with soft branches. The bark of the plant is one inch thick, rough and brown. The branches bend downwards which increases the beautified attraction of the plant.m The leaves appears as two leaves are joined together. Leave are alternate, 2-6 inch long, 3-7 inch wide, bifurcated and rounded. They are like heart-shaped  and curve from the front. It bears big flowers which are found in numerous colours. Each colour of the flower has its own medicinal values. It also bears fruits which are half to one inch long , slippery, strong and slightly curved. The plant bears flowers in February-March and fruits in April-May.

Medicinal plant of Bauhinia
Huge tree of Bauhinia

Nomenclature of Bauhinia plant:-

This nomenclature will help you to gather general knowledge about the plant and its variety;

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Flower of Bauhinia plant
Pink Bauhinia flower

Properties of Bauhinia plant:-

  • The fruits are light, dry and have binding properties to cure diseases of pitta and others.
  • The whole plant is a healer and coagulant.
  • A safe and effective herbal preparation known for its preventive action in tuberculosis affecting the lymph nodes of the neck (Scrofula).
  • It purifies the blood and checks the body’s weight.
  • It is anti-dermatoses and also cures lymphatic inflammation.
  • It purifies and cleanses the ulcers and the wounds.
  • The plant pacifies vitiated kapha, diarrhoea, skin diseases, rectal prolapse, diabetes, inflammations, worms, tumors, hemorrhoids, menorrhagia hemolysis and cervical lymphadenopathy.
  • It tastes really very good when cooked with addition of mutton or chicken and its pickle is also supposed to be nutritious for stomach.

Now, we shall be moving to the; 12 Medicinal benefits of Bauhinia plant. These cute flowers as well as the plant holds numerous benefits in it. Have a look to the following description and conclude the same. We will also like to tell you, as we discussed above; the plant has its different benefits as per the colour of the flower; so we will be talking on the same basis.

12 Medicinal Benefits of Bauhinia Plant:-

1. Treats Oral disorders-

  • Take the dried bark of Bauhinia plant and prepare its hot infusion or decoction.
  • Gargle with the same.
  • It cures all kinds of mouth disorders.
  • This property is meant for the yellow Bauhinia.

2. Helps to cure Toothache-

  • Take the branches of Bauhinia tree and burn it.
  • It will form ash.
  • Now massage your teeth with the ash as a tooth powder.
  • It cures toothache.
  • It is better to carry our this process with Red Bauhinia.

3. Aids in Headache-

  • Boil 10-20 gm leaves of the plant in water.
  • Boil till the water is reduced to 1/4th and becomes thick enough.
  • Give this decoction to the patient.
  • It cures headache due to pollution and eating of rotten fruits.
  • This mechanism will work better with White bauhinia.

4. Treats Hunchback-

Hunchback is the disease in which the back gets curved and looks those like a tortoise or camel. It is also called Kyphosis.

  • Make a decoction of its bark.
  • Mix 250 mg of Prawal bhasma in it.
  • Give this 3-4 times a day.
  • Regular use will show the results after sometimes.

5. Aids in wounds-

  • Take the fresh roots of Bauhinia.
  • Grind it with water in which rise is rinsed.
  • Prepare a poultice of it and tie on the ulcers.
  • You can also grind the bark to form a paste.
  • Apply the paste on the wounds.

6. Helps in Bleeding Piles-

  • Take 2-5 gm powder of its dried buds.
  • Mix equal amount of sugar candy in it.
  • Give this to the patient with butter, 2-3 times a day.
  • It cures bleeding piles.
  • You can also prepare the jam of Bauhinia buds.
  • It is also beneficial in curing bleeding piles.

7. Cures Burning sensation-

  • Take 5 ml juice of its bark and mix 20 gm powder of cumin seeds.
  • You can also mix 250-500 mg camphor in it.
  • Give this to the patient twice a day.
  • It cures the burning sensation.

8. Treats Dyspepsia-

  • Prepare a decoction of its roots.
  • Give the decoction twice a day.
  • It cures dyspepsia.

9. Helpful in Multinodular Tuberculosis-

  • Take 10-20 gm bark and boil in 400 ml of water.
  • Boil till the water is reduced to 1/4th.
  • Give this to the patient.
  • It cures multinodular tuberculosis.
  • Add 1 gm dry ginger powder in 20 gm decoction of its bark.
  • Give this to the patient every morning and evening.

10. Kills Intestinal worms-

  • Take 20 gm bark of yellow Bauhinia.
  • Boil it in 400 ml water till the water is reduced to 1/4th.
  • Give this decoction to the patient.
  • It kills the worms in the intestines.

11. Cures the Swelling of Liver

  • Make a decoction by the bark or root of yellow Bauhinia.
  • Give 10-20 gm of it twice a day.
  • It cures the swelling of the Liver.

12. Helpful in Diarrhoea due to Indigestion-

  • Give 5 gm powder of dried leaves of Yellow Bauhinia.
  • It should be followed with 2 teaspoon of aniseed juice.
  • Or, take 10 gm of its flowers which are still buds.
  • Boil them in water.
  • Give this water twice a day to the patient.
  • It cures Diarrhoea due to Indigestion.

So in this way we saw the benefits of Bauhinia tree. These trees are no more than a miracle that helps us so much. Well, all these are produced by the Mother Earth which always does good to us. Take care and Live well!


  1. I have enlarged prostrate. One aurbedic doctor has pescribed me Kachnar, chandrapravabati and prosteez.
    I donot see any reference about kachnar for the treatment of postrate.
    I need suggestion.

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