12 Health benefits of Sesame plant

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There are numerous herbs which are known for its herbal properties and health benefits. They are quite affordable and free from side-effects; thus liked by all. Here we will be talking about an herbal plant which has numerous uses and benefits. It is also used to prepare a number of recipes and delicacies. Yes, we will be talking about ‘Sesame plant’ and  ‘Sesame leaves benefits’

Appearance of Sesame plant:-

The sesame is a well-known oil seed. It is probably the oldest of all cultivated crops. Sesame is variable annual herb which is soft, hairy and annual in nature. Sesame plant grows approximately 1-3 ft tall with a slightly pungent odour. Sesame leaves are simple, alternately arranged in sequence and oblong. The leaves of lower part of the plant are separated and partially divided. It also bears flowers which are approximately 1 1/2 inch long a partially violet in colour. Flowers are hairy and bear yellow coloured spots in it.

Sesame seeds for health
Sesame seeds for health

The seeds are produced from the pods which are 2 inches long, round and divided into four compartments just as the Cardamom pods. There are two varieties of sesame plant; one bears white seeds whereas the another one bears the blackish one. From these seeds, a light yellowish coloured oil is extracted which is also called ‘Til ka tel’ is multipurpose. In local language, it is also called sweet oil. It is rich in colline, sesamia, lipez, nicotinic acid sucrose and lecithin.

Origin and Distribution of Sesame:-

Farm of Sesame plants
Farm of Sesame plants

Sesame is believed to be originated in Africa. It has been identified in the excavation of Harappa, Pakistan dating to 2000 BC and was recorded in Egypt about 1300 BC at the time of the expulsion of the Israelites. According to the records of 2013, Myanmar, India, China and Sudan were the topmost producers of Sesame all over the world. The white and other lighter-coloured sesame seeds are common in Europe, the Americas, West Asia, and the Indian subcontinent. The black and darker-coloured sesame seeds are mostly produced in China and southeast Asia.

Uses of Sesame:-

Sesame and its products are used in various ways and types. Following are some of the uses of Sesame-

Sesame oil
Sesame oil
  • A well-known sweet snack is prepared using Sesame seeds and jaggery. ‘Til ke laddu and barfi’ etc are prepared especially during winter season.
  • The seeds are widely used to extract oil which is multi-purpose in nature.
  • It is one of common ingredient in different cuisine. It is used to give a nutty and rich flavor.
  • It is also used as a dressing item in sweets and desserts.
  • The seeds are also used in chutney and dips.
  • It is widely used to prepare curries and several dry items.

Now, we shall be moving to the Health benefits of Sesame. Earlier, when I was a kid; I used to think that these seeds lacks any kind of nutrition. Well, let’s have a look to its Health benefits-

12 Health benefits of Sesame leaves and rest of the plant:-

1. To Treat Eye disorders-

  • During winters, collect the dew drops on the sesame flowers using a muslin cloth.
  • Store them in a bottle.
  • Now, use this drop cum dew in eyes.
  • It cures all types of eye disorders.

2. Useful for Hairs-

  • Make a decoction of sesame leaves and root.
  • Rinse your hairs with this; it helps hair turn black.
  • Apply the oil of black sesame on hair.
  • It prevents premature greying of hairs.
  • One should apply the oil of sesame on hairs regularly.
  • It will keep your hair black, thick, long and dense always.

3. Cure for Cough-

  • Prepare a decoction of sesame seeds.
  • Give 100 ml of this decoction with 2 teaspoon of sugar mixed in it.
  • It is beneficial in curing cough.
  • Boil sesame and sugar candy in water.
  • Give this to the patient. It cures cough.

4. Helps to treat Piles-

  • Grind sesame seeds with water and give this to the patient with butter thrice a day.
  • It should be given 1 hour before the meals.
  • It stops the bleeding from piles.
  • Heat the sesame seeds and prepare its poultice.
  • Tie it on the boils.
  • Give enema of sesame.
  • It cleanses the intestines and excretory system; thus giving relief in piles.

5. Care for Teeth problem-

  • Chew 25 gm sesame seeds regularly.
  • It helps to make the teeth stronger.
  • Keep sesame seeds in mouth for 5-10 minutes.
  • It cures pyorrhoea and also make the teeth strong.

6. Sesame leaves benefits : Useful to cure Diarrhoea-

  • Soak sesame leaves in water.
  • Its viscous fluid will get dissolved.
  • Give this water to the patient to drink.
  • It is a good cure for cholera, indigestion, diarrhoea, chronic rhinitis etc.

7. Treats Calculus-

  • Give 7-10 gm ash of its dried buds, everyday to the patient.
  • It dissolves the stones; hence they gets released from the body easily.
  • Give 4 gm extract of its flowers with 2 teaspoon of honey and 250 ml of milk.
  • It also helps to dissolve the stones with ease.

8. Good cure for Uterus disorders-

  • In case of obstruction in menstrual cycle, take 100 gm sesame decoction and add 2 gm ginger root, 2 gm black pepper and 2 gm peepal powder in it.
  • Give this to the patient thrice a day.
  • To dissolve coagulated blood in uterus, give 625 mg of its powder; 3-4 times a day.
  • In case of difficulty in Menstruation, give 100 gm of its decoction.

9. Relief in Joint pain-

  • Take equal quantities of sesame and ginger root.
  • Give 5-5 gram of this mixture 3-4 times a day.
  • With the regular treatment, it cures Joint pain totally.

10. Treats the pricking of thorns-

  • In case the body is pricked by some harmful thorns,
  • Apply the sesame oil repeatedly on the area.
  • After sometimes, the thorn will come out easily.

11. Deactivating the effect of Poison-

  • Grind the bark of sesame with turmeric and water.
  • Apply the paste on the bitten area.
  • It cures spider venom.
  • Grind sesame with water and apply the paste.
  • It cures the venom of cat bite.
  • Grind it with vinegar and apply. It cures venom of wasp.

12. Cure for Swelling-

  • Grind sesame with butter.
  • Apply this on the swollen area.
  • It treats the swelling.

So, in this way we came to know how ca such a simple plant can be so useful. All these herbs are like this only; simple look with excellent benefits. Take care and live well!


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