10 Health benefits of Carrot fruit


So, here comes the fleshy and succulent carrots! This is a fruit cum veggie which is well-known by everyone. The edible part of very plant is present in root itself; the root and the seeds of carrot plant is widely used. It is highly beneficial and is meant to cure many ailments even. Here, we will be talking about its 12 health benefits or carrot.

Appearance of Carrot fruit:-

health benefits of carrot

It is a biennial herb with a branched erect stem and a yellow-orange conical tap-root. The fruits are long with bristly hairs. It grows straight and is approximately 1-4 tall. The leaves are two-sided and divided into several segments. The fruits are 1/8 inches long and pulpy. It is of several colours and shapes even. Carrot is sweet, little pungent, bitter and warm in nature.

Nomenclature of Carrot:-

English name- Carrot

Hindi name- Gajar

Sanskrit name- Garjarah

Latin name- Daucas, Carota

Kingdom- Plantae

Family name- Apiaceae

Botanical name- Daucus carota

Uses of Carrots-


Carrots are used in multiple ways, some of them are listed below-

  1. Firstly, orange carrots are used as a dressing ingredient in salads.
  2. In South Indian dishes, carrots are used as an ingredient in Sambar preparation.
  3. Carrots are used to prepare Jams and Pickles also.
  4. One of the most liked dessert item; Gajar ka halwa or Carrot pudding is prepared using carrots itself.
  5. A volatile oil is also obtained from carrot seeds.

Chemical composition of Carrot:-


One should know that this very fruit cum vegetable is rich in nutrients. Some of them are listed below-

  • Proteins
  • Fat
  • Carbohydrates
  • Calcium
  • Phosphorus
  • Iron
  • Dietary fibers
  • Water
  • Phosphorus
  • Trace metals
  • Vitamin A, B, C, K etc.

10 Health benefits of Carrot:-

Carrot is diuretic, digestive, expectorant, aromatic, stimulant and aphrodisiac in nature. It is rich in fibres and has multiple health benefits. Some of them are listed below-

1. For a Bright complexion-

Everyone wills to have a fair complexion and healthy skin. Carrot can be a good friend for this, lets know how:

  • One should drink white or red carrot juice twice a week. It ensures for a fair complexion.
  • Carrot is rich in Vitamin A which is a diuretic and helps to flush out toxins from the systems; thus making your skin healthy and bright.

2. For Internal heat-

During summers, this case is mostly seen; lets see how to cure this-

  • Fresh carrot juice should be used regularly to revive the run-down system.
  • At least, one carrot should be eaten raw daily; it is very good to keep your bowel system healthy.

3. For Eyesight-

  • Dried almond coloured carrots should be given with milk every night. It improves eye-sight.

4. For Migraine-

  • Smear the carrot leaves with ghee.
  • Warm it and extract the juice.
  • Put 2-3 drops in nose and ears.
  • It causes sneezing thus cures the migraine pain.

5. For Menstrual problems-

There are many complications related to menstruation, carrot is a good remedy for such problems:

  • For paining periods, include raw carrots in your daily diet. It will hydrate your body and will purify the blood thus will help to get relief from pain.
  • Intake of carrot makes your uterus walls strong; thus it will avoid heavy pains.
  • Carrot is rich in Iron thus its daily intake will prevent anaemia during periods.
  • Decoction of carrot can also be given; it removes impurities from the uterus and cleanses it.

6. For Heart diseases

  • Peel off the raw carrots and keep them in open over night.
  • Next morning, mix rose extract and sugar candy. Eating this will normalize the heart beats.
  • Carrot pudding strengthens the heat; thus is a tasty way to strengthen your heart.

7. For Cough-

  • Mix sugar candy in carrot juice and prepare a thick paste.
  • Sprinkle black pepper powder on it and give to the patient.
  • It gives relief in cough and the phlegm is released easily.

8. For Piles-

  • Give carrot juice with sour pomegranate; it cures piles.
  • Or, give pomegranate powder or carrot cooked in curd.
  • This remedy is very good in curing piles.
  • For heavy bleeding in piles, give carrot juice with cream of curd mixed in it.

9. For Angina-

  • Boil carrots in steam and extract the juice.
  • Add double quantity of honey to it and give to the patient.
  • It cures Angina.

10 For Ulcers-

  • Tie poultice of carrot on severe wounds and ulcers. It helps in healing them faster.
  • Boil and grind the carrots.
  • Apply the paste on ulcers.
  • It helps to cure them faster.

Guys, since from childhood we have been listening that pickles are bad for health. Here, is a good news for pickle-eaters! Carrot pickles are very good for health. It helps to increase appetite, cure stress and many otherĀ  problems. But eat in limit because it’s a well-known thing that even nectar if taken in heavy dose acts as a stimulant poison.

So, go green and live well!


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