Herbal Supplements to Increase Energy and Stamina


Now – a – days, fitness is very important. By fitness, it doesn’t mean being slim or lean without fat deposits. Fitness means the ability of the body to sustain hard-work. The people who work hard for prolonged period will surely get tiredness and the people who are suffering from chronic illness too complain that even by little work also, they get tired. Meanwhile, it is quite interesting to find that some people who repeatedly complain that they are feeling tiredness without work. Indeed such people are lazy or cunning to do the work. Ayurveda explains these conditions in a very critical way. According to Ayurveda, these conditions are ill health conditions. Even though these are not the diseased conditions but they may be found as the symptoms in few diseases.

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But in case of work exhaustion, it is always better to take rest at regular intervals. Divided food dosage, limited amount of food rich with carbohydrates, sweet and sour fruits, milk products, easily digestible foods are helpful to overcome work exhaustion. Regular food intake, appropriate sleep, team spirit, self-confidence, meditation etc. help us to fit to work long.

Ayurvedic body building and muscle toning supplements were also famous during the time when Ayurvedic classical text books were written many centuries ago.

Certain herbal supplements to increase energy and stamina are

1. Ashwagandha Capsules

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) capsules are used in the treatment of feeling tired all the time, dullness, loss of memory, sluggishness. This increases ojas as well as nourishes all the dhatus and also used as a nervine tonic.

2. Tribulus Powder

Tribulus (Cow hage) is known as “Gokshura” in Ayurveda. This herb has been used since ages for its immense medicinal qualities. It improves body nourishment and is coolant in nature. It is aphrodisiac in nature. It increases libido in both men and women. Since it is known to increase the exercise capacity, it will help an individual to strengthen the muscles.

3. Shilajit capsules

Shilajit contains around 84 minerals like – copper, zinc, iron, silver etc. In Ayurveda, Shilajit is used as rejuvenator. According to Charak Samhita, if Shilajit is administerd at appropriate time with suitable combination of drugs, there is no disease in this universe which is not curable.

4. Amla (Indian gooseberry)

This little fruit is stuffed with innumerable health benefits that can ever be imagined. It is considered among the anti-aging group of herbs by Master Charak. As per Master Charak, it is one of those ingredients that can be taken on daily basis. It is considered among the group of herbs which are – aphrodisiac, anti-aging and rejuvenative. Because of this, it is used in many Ayurvedic energy giving formulations such as – Chywanprash, Brahma Rasayana etc.

5. Shatavari Capsules (Asparagus racemosus)

Master Charak has categorised Shatavari under strength and immunity promoting and anti-aging group of herbs. It balances Vata and Pitta. It is aphrodisiac and improves nourishment. Because of its nutritive properties, anti-aging effect and coolant properties Shatavari is an excellent gym supplement. It helps in relieving tiredness quickly and also improves muscle mass.

6. Varahi Kand (Dioscorea tuberosa)

It is commonly known as wild yam. It balances Kapha and Vata dosha. It is anti-aging and causes cell and tissue rejuvenation as well as an aphrodisiac and improves vigor. It also improves strength and immunity. Due to bitter taste after digestion, it also improves digestion strength. For increasing stamina, powder of wild yam mixed with honey is suspended in milk must be tak.

7. Akarkara (Anacylus pyrethrum)

It is commonly known as Pellitory. This herb is mentioned in Ayurveda mainly for the treatment of disorders caused due to Vata imbalance. It is helpful in boosting stamina as it reduces vitiated Kapha and Vata dosha thus helps in balancing Vata and Kapha doshas.

8. Jaiphal (Myristica fragrans)

Jaiphal is commonly known as Nutmeg. Nutmeg is an aphrodisiac and digestive tonic. It has hot potency and balances Kapha and Vata dosha. It also improves taste and acts as a good appetiser.

Some home remedies for boosting stamina

Date fruit

50 date fruits are taken and seeds are removed. 100 ml of ghee and 80 ml of honey are taken with little saffron. Dates are added and soaked in it. This mixture is stirred well and 1-2 dates must be consumed regularly. This remedy improves energy. According to Ayurveda “There is no substance which is not a medicine but the true way of modification into particular medicine with rationality will convert any substance into nectar-like-medicine”. Date fruits are one such an example.


Have the nutritious banana shake daily and get the benefits of fresh and chemical free food cum drinks devoid of artificial colors, aromatics, and preservatives for increasing stamina and energy. Slice banana and add it to milk and mix it thoroughly in a mixer. Add sugar and ghee and mix it well. Add cardamom. Vata prakriti individuals must add jaggery, Pitta prakriti individuals can add sugar candy and Kapha prakriti individuals can add honey as the sweetening agent. It can be taken after food and it is better to reduce the amount of food intake during lunch or breakfast on account of this nutritious diet but patients with diabetes should take this preparation cautiously.

In addition, the person must include some exercises in his/her daily schedule. Ayurveda explains morning as the best time for exercise. During morning hours, since all the organs are at rest and are ready to get pumping so morning is the ideal time to exercise but that doesn’t mean that one should not do exercise in the evening but one can get easily tired out and can feel sleepy if exercised in evening hours.

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