Natural Ayurvedic Herbal Remedies for Vitiligo


Life suddenly comes to a halt if one notices a white patch on the skin.It looks more odd when patch is visible on outer part of skin.The sufferer becomes much conscious as any ailment affecting aesthetic beauty is also a cause of mental agony. Vitiligo is such a disease in which the pigment cells of the skin, melanocytes, are destroyed in certain areas.In body the color of hair, skin and eyes is determined by melanin. When the cells that produce melanin die or stop functioning it is vitiligo.

Herbal Remedies for Vitiligo

Details about vitiligo:

  • Vitiligo is a disorder in which white patches of skin appear on different parts of the body. This is due to the cells (melanocytes) that make pigment in the skin are destroyed. vitiligo can also affect the mucous membranes (such as the tissue inside the mouth and nose) and the eye.

Causes of vitiligo

  • The cause is not known. vitiligo may be an autoimmune disease. These diseases happen when your immune system mistakenly attacks some part of your own body. In vitiligo, the immune system may destroy the melanocytes in the skin.
  • Few researches say that the melanocytes destroy themselves. Others think that a single event such as sunburn or emotional problems can cause vitiligo. But these events have not been proven to cause vitiligo

Ayurvedic view

  • In ayurveda vitiligo is mentioned as shwet kushtha or shvitra. It is mentioned in details in Chikitsa sthan of Charak Samhita and chapter 7 deals with all major types of kushtha (18 types of skin disorders).

Signs and symptoms

  • Loss of skin color in the form of depigmented, or white, patches of skin anywhere on the body.
  • The exact cause of vitiligo is unknown, although most experts believe that it is an autoimmune condition in which the body’s immune system by mistake attacks and destroys certain cells within the body.
  • Many people who have vitiligo will develop the condition before age of 40; many develop it before age 20.
  • Vitiligo may have a genetic component, as the condition runs in families.
  • Vitiligo can be localized to one area, or it may affect several different areas of the body.
  • Vitiligo is sometimes associated with other medical conditions like dysfunction of thyroid gland.
  • Vitiligo is not painful and does not have significant health problems; however, it can have emotional and psychological distress.
  • There is nothing to ascertain if vitiligo will spread or remain confined to one body part.
  • Some medical treatments can reduce the severity of the condition, but it can be difficult to cure it completely.
  • There is no known way to prevent vitiligo.

Herbal Remedies for Vitiligo

Natural Ayurvedic Herbal Remedies for Vitiligo-Planet Ayurveda offers various Herbal Remedies for Vitiligo:

1. Radiant Skin Hair Nails Formula

  • This herbal formulation gives youthful skin, beautifull hair and smooth shiny nails. It helps to fight various skin disorders. It works wonderfully to clear toxins from our body. It purifies blood, improves immunity and it is natural anti-oxidant. Herbs used in this formulation are ancient and give fruitful results for complicated skin disorders. It also clears wrinkles and it is best anti-aging formula. This formula also fights against acne, pimples, dark circles and dark spots.

Herbs used in this herbal formulation are:-

  • Manjistha – Rubia cordifolia
  • Pitt papda – Fumaria officinalis
  • Chiretta – Swertia chirata
  • Ghrit kumara – Aloe barbadensis

Dose:- 2 capsules twice daily with water after meals.

2. Navkarshik Churna

  • This herbal blend is a classic ayurvedic formulation from charak samhita. According to Ayurveda leucoderma is due to collection of ama (toxin) beneath skin. It contains triphala which removes toxins from body, purify our blood and fight against skin diseases. Another factor responsible for leucoderma is bharajak pitta so neem, katuki and manjistha helps to regulate the metabolism of pitta in our body. It is an auto immune disorder and giloy is immuno-modulator and improves our immunity. Daruhaldi act as an anti-inflammatory herb.

Herbs used to prepare this herbal powder are:-

  • Amla – Emblica officinalis
  • Haritaki – Terminalia chebula
  • Vibhtaki – Terminalia bellerica
  • Vacha – Acorus calamus
  • Neem – Azadirachta indica
  • Manjistha – Rubia cordifolia
  • Katuki – Picorrhiza kurroa
  • Giloy – Tinospora cordifolia
  • Daruhaldi – Berberis aristata


  • 1 teaspoonful twice daily.
  • Take 1 tsp of the powder and boil in 400ml water until it remains 50-60ml. approx. then filter it and drink it at room temperature. Prepare it fresh every time. Take this 30 min after meals twice.
  • Or you can simply take 1 tsp. of it with plain water.

3. Punarnava Mandoor

Punarnava madoor is a herbal formula to improve blood quality and help to remove toxins from blood.

Ingredients used in punarnava mandoor are:-

  • Punarnava – Boerhaavia diffusa
  • Shunthi – Zingiber officinale
  • Pippali – Piper longum
  • Maricha – Piper nigrum
  • Amalaki – Emblica officinalis
  • Haritaki – Terminalia chebual
  • Chavya – Piper chaba
  • Haridra – Curcuma longa
  • Vidanga – Embelia ribes
  • Chitrak mool – Plumbago zeylanica
  • Mandoor bhasam – ferric oxide.

Dose – 2 pills twice or thrice daily after meals.

4. Aloe Vital Capsules

  • One main ingredient used to prepare this herbal supplement is ghrit kumari (Aloe Barbadensis). It works effectively in skin and gastric disorders. It is rich in anti-oxidants and helps to remove toxins from the body. It help to maintain equilibrium of three doshas (vata, pitta, kapha). This herbal formula is rich in isobarbalin, aloe-emodin, aloetic acid, homonataloin, chrysamminic acid and galactouronic acid in their natural form. Aloe Vera is wonderful herb for skin diseases.

5. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is skin healing agent. Aloe Vera gel has so many benefits for our skin, nails and hairs. Take small amount of gel and apply it on infected areas. Massage gently in circular motion. Repeat it for 2-3 times per day.

6. Babchi oil mixed with Jatyadi oil

  • Various ingredients used in jatyadi oil are chameli patra, neem patra, yashthimadhu, haldi, daruhaldi, lodhra, haritaki, til oil etc. Babchi oil is very effective and useful for leucoderma. Gentle application of both oils on infected areas help to cure various skin diseases. Both these oils balance pitta and kapha. Its application help to clear patches on body.

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