Top 10 food to cleanse your liver naturally

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All the living things are made of certain organ systems or life providing parts. Talking about human beings, we are made with a definite set-up of organs which makes an organ system. It is just like the generator setup which implies with certain wires, cables, switches, devices etc. As every thing needs proper maintenance, similarly our body and its respective organs also needs a proper care and maintenance. If they are not cared, then can even lead to fatal conditions which can be life threatening.

Here, we will be talking about how to care your Liver. It is one of the main internal organ. There are many disorders like Hepatitis, Cirrhosis etc related to it. To protect your Liver from such epidemics, it’s better to have a control and care in your diet. Here, we will be talking about Liver then some natural foods which has a cleansing action on Liver.

What is Human Liver?

Anatomy of Human Liver
Anatomy of Human Liver

Liver is the heaviest gland in the body which weighs up to 1.2-2.2 kg. It is located in the upper nd right region of the abdominal cavity, immediately beneath the diaphragm. The portal vein, hepatic artery, parasympathetic and sympathetic nerves, hepatic ducts, lymph vessels enter and leave the liver at a point called portal fissure.

Functions of Liver:-

As described, Liver is one of the important internal organs of the body. It has numerous functions, some of them are given below-

  1. Secretion of bile
  2. Metabolism of fats
  3. Detoxification of drugs
  4. Metabolism of alcohol
  5. Acts as a storehouse
  6. Metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates
  7. Phagocytosis
  8. Haemopoietic function and so on.

Now, you must be getting what is Liver and what re its respective functions. Now, we will be talking about 10 food items which ar really beneficial to cleanse your liver. Liver is a sensitive organ which also needs care and preservation so that it works well and finely.

10 Food to cleanse your Liver naturally:-

1.  Apples-

Apples for a healthy liver
Apples for a healthy liver

It is also said- “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” It’s a real thing. One who is habituated to have at least one apple a day; is rarely seen ill and fatigued. The satin-smooth, glossy and the bright-coloured apples even brightens your health. Apple is a fruit which is high in pectin, vitamins and minerals, iron, sodium, trace metals and many more. This is a very good thing for Liver. For a better health of, one must have at least one apple a day. To get the best results, go with the slightly green coloured and crunch apple. The dark red one is mostly the frozen; it looks attractive from outside but is not so good.

2. Green tea-


Nutritionists and dietitians also advice to replace your milk tea with green tea. Green tea contains very less caffeine and a lots of natural ingredients in it. It tastes little bitter but is like the nectar for health. It is a liver-loving beverage and full of antioxidants and carotenes. It refreshes your body from inside especially the Liver. Not just for Liver, it is an excellent way to improve your overall diet. One must sip a cup of green tea daily.

3. Grapefruit

Grapefruit for healthy Liver
Grapefruit for healthy Liver

Grapefruit comes under the category of citrus fruits. It has reddish-orange pulp and tastes little tart and sour.  As like other citrus fruits, it is also rich in Vitamins, Minerals, Iron, Potassium, Water, Dietary fibres and many other nutritive elements. One should have a glass of fresh grapefruit juice daily. It detoxifies your Liver and helps to flush out carcinogens and toxins from the body.

4. Cabbage-


Cabbage is a leafy vegetable which is rich in Dietary fibres. It is used in forms as Salads, curry, soups, dressing item and many more. It is rich in trace metals, antioxidants, fibres and many other. Oe should include cabbage in his daily diet. Many orb us prefers the tender leaves of cabbage, but as a fact the upper leaves which looks older is much beneficial for health.

5. Lemon

Lemon for health
Lemon for health

A midst of tartness and sour flavour comes to our mind when we take the name ‘lemon’. It is also rich in Vitamin C and certain other nutritions. For the goodness of Liver, have a glass of lemon juice with warm water daily. Better, have this early in the morning just as you wake up. It recharges the cells of Liver and makes it healthy and free from ailments.

6. Cilantro-


Cilantro is termed to the leaves of ‘dhaniya‘ and coriander is termed to the seeds. It is a very simple herb but highly beneficial one. It tastes really good and favouring. Include cilantro in your diet as with salads, soups, chutney or in any other way. It is really a good and preferable way to keep your liver strong and healthy.

7. Green leafy vegetables-

Green leafy vegetables
Green leafy vegetables

Since from childhood, we have been listening by our mothers and grandmothers that green vegetables must be included in diet. It’s a true thing, green vegetables are really good and rich in Iron, potassium, carotene, antioxidants, dietary fibres, Vitamins, minerals and many other trace metals. It is one of the best ways to cleanse your liver. Being rich in chlorophyll it sucks all the toxins from the blood stream making your body healthy and fit. You can have as juice, cooked or in a raw form.

8. Buttermilk-

Glass of buttermilk
Glass of buttermilk

Buttermilk also called ‘chhach is a very popular drink in the areas of Punjab and Haryana. It is also advisable to have a glass of buttermilk after your meals. It an effective and best way for proper digestion. Not only this, the lactic acid, tartness and other ingredients present in it helps to cleanse your liver. It is a digestive ingredient, hence aids in the working of liver. Add a teaspoon of roasted cumin powder and black pepper to it. So it after your meals; it is tasty and a liver-loving drink.

9. Papaya-


Papaya is also considered as a complete food. After  milk, ripe papaya is known as the only food which has each and every nutrition in it; even the Vitamin C which milk lacks. Winter season is coming and this time, papayas are available in abundant. You can also have the powder of papaya seeds as it also works well. The curry of raw papaya is also beneficial for liver as it cleanse all the toxins present in it.

10. Indian Gooseberry-


Indian Gooseberry also called ‘Amla’ is a small, round, green-coloured fruit which tastes sour and tart. Amla controls over 80% of the diseases. You can have it in raw form or as amla candy or in dessert form. You can also prepare the powder of dried raw amlas.  It is known as the richest source of Vitamin C. It cleanses your liver, bowels, blood vessels, arteries and all the parts, It is a simple, effective and affordable way to gain health.

Tips for a Happy liver:-

Your Liver works all time for your. So you also need to thank and give credit to this marron and fluffy part. Following are some of  the easy tricks and tips which contributes a lot to Liver health-

  • As much as possible, try to avoid oily and heavy food. If suffering from any of the liver disorder then restrict your diet with these.
  • Eat according to your digestive power. Many of us eats too much but are able to digest only the half of it. Actually, the undigested materials only leads to food poisoning, IBS, and other disorders.
  • Go with minor exercises, jogging, walking etc daily.
  • Just after waking up, have 2-4 glasses of warm water daily.
  • A glass of squeezed lemon and honey with warm water is the best alternative for a healthy liver.
  • Have coconut water on a daily basis. Having it before 10 a.m is like having nectar.
  • Daily morning; chew two leaves of Holy Basil. It revitalize your whole system.
  • Subtract artificial drinks like soft drinks, aerated drinks, chilled water etc from your diet.
  • Always try to stay happy and cheerful. It is the basic thing which every treatment needs.

Guys, each and every part of our body is important. Even if the smallest one gets disturbed, then whole system has to suffer. So, take care of yourselves and stay happy!


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