Top 10 food to cleanse your liver naturally

Anatomy of Human Liver
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All living things are made of certain organ systems or life-providing parts. Talking about human beings, we are made with a definite set-up of organs which makes an organ system. It is just like the generator setup which implies certain wires, cables, switches, devices etc. As everything needs proper maintenance, similarly our body and its respective organs also need proper care and maintenance. If they do not care, then can even lead to fatal conditions which can be life-threatening.

Here, we will be talking about how to care for your Liver. It is one of the main internal organs. There are many disorders like Hepatitis, Cirrhosis etc related to it. To protect your Liver from such epidemics, it’s better to have control and care in your diet. Here, we will be talking about the Liver and then some natural foods which have a cleansing action on the Liver.

What is Human Liver?

Anatomy of Human Liver
Anatomy of Human Liver

The liver is the heaviest gland in the body which weighs up to 1.2-2.2 kg. It is located in the upper and right region of the abdominal cavity, immediately beneath the diaphragm. The portal vein, hepatic artery, parasympathetic and sympathetic nerves, hepatic ducts, and lymph vessels enter and leave the liver at a point called a portal fissure.

Functions of the Liver:-

As described, the Liver is one of the important internal organs of the body. It has numerous functions, some of which are given below-

  1. Secretion of bile
  2. Metabolism of fats
  3. Detoxification of drugs
  4. Metabolism of alcohol
  5. Acts as a storehouse
  6. Metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates
  7. Phagocytosis
  8. Haemopoietic function and so on.

Now, you must be getting what is Liver and what its respective functions are. Now, we will be talking about 10 food items which are really beneficial to cleanse your liver. The liver is a sensitive organ which also needs care and preservation so that it works well and finely.

10 Food to cleanse your Liver naturally:

10. 1.  Apples

Apples for a healthy liver
Apples for a healthy liver

9. 2. Green tea

Grapefruit for healthy Liver
Grapefruit for healthy Liver

7. 4. Cabbage


6. 5. Lemon

Lemon for health
Lemon for health

5. 6. Cilantro


4. 7. Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables
Green leafy vegetables

3. 8. Buttermilk:

Glass of buttermilk

2. 9. Papaya:



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