Remove your Heart Blockage with Peepal leaves

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Heart Blockage is the situation in which the veins of heart gets blocked with unwanted fatty substances, leading to severe heart diseases. Commonly, your physician will suggest for medications or surgical methods. These are not a bit good and unsatisfactory too. Today we will discuss about, how to cure even the severest form of heart blockage with a simple thing- Peepal leaves. It is Peepal leaves for Heart Blockage.

Peepal leaves for Heart Blockage
Peepal leaves for Heart Blockage

Since from ages, we have been knowing that nature cure is far better than any other cure. It offers you a vast range of treatments without any pains and discomfort. Many of you must be guessing, how actually this heart blockage occurs or how does our soft delicate heart suffers from such maladies?

First we will discuss about the formation of all these, then we will move to remedy. This will make you readers able to understand all the things about Heart blockage completely.

Mechanism before Heart Blockage:

We humans are born with pure organs. With the passage of time, due to food habits, lifestyle, emotional factors etc our organs are affected a lot.

Ingestion of fatty and junk foods→Due to lack of correct metabolism and emotional factors, the fat gets emulsified to lipids and gets glued to heart walls→slowly they forms a tough layer in heart veins which obstructs the free flow of blood and oxygen to heart→all these leads to heart blockage→when the blockage is higher it can even turn to strokes and heart attacks. 

Many of you must be scared now! Chill guys, this was the pathology of Heart blockage. Now we will tell you a very simple and natural remedy which can clear up to 99% of Heart blockage. What 99%! Yes, it is possible now. In allopath, 99% of heart blockage means angioplasty or some severe procedures. Peepal leaves for heart blockage is very efficient remedy and makes the blockage go melt. Let us have a look to the natural remedy, which is free from side-effects and totally natural.

Peepal leaves for Heart Blockage:

Peepal leaves are meant to strengthen your cardiovascular system and treat any kind of deformity in it.

  1. Take 15 fully grown, green leaves of Peepal.
  2. Using scissors, cut the up and the down portion of the leaves.
  3. Clean the leaves with water and boil it in a glass of water till it remains only 1/3rd.
  4. The flame should be low and allow it to simmer well.
  5. After getting cool, using a clean cloth strain it and put in a cool place.
  6. So now your medicine is ready.
  7. Divide it into 3 doses and take thrice a day, with the intervals of 3 hours at least.
  8. One who has recently faced Heart attack, can give a gap of few days then use the medicine.
  9. The regular dosage of the medicine for 15 days decreases the chances of Heart attack.

Precautions for taking this medicine:

  • Make sure that you don’t take the medicine in an empty stomach. Take some light food and then have this medicine.
  • During the period of this therapy, avoid all kinds of fried foods, rice, salt and oily stuffs.
  • You can take lots of pomegranate, papaya, amla, garlic, fenugreek seeds, apple dessert, black gram, curd, buttermilk, raisins etc.
  • Don’t take stress and stay happy. The most important thing is, you should feel the curing! Feel as all the blockage are getting melted and you are getting cured.

This is a very effective thing which cures for the sure. Give it a try to see the miracle. Take care and live well!


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