Medicinal benefits of nectar plant ‘Swallow-wort’

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Nectar plant; many of you must be amazed and thinking; why we have pointed this very plant as a ‘nectar plant’. The reason is its high-efficiency to cure disorders which slightly resembles nectar itself. By the name; swallow-wort many of you must not be getting clue about the plant but as you see the image you can easily guess!


The swallow-wort plants or small trees (shrubs) are found in all dry, barren and high grounds. You can easily find it on roadsides, backyards etc. It is a perennial shrub with numerous branches. These are approximately 4-12 ft in height bearing very soft stems. Some parts of the plant is covered with cotton like soft tissues/fur .

Plant of Swallow wort
Plant of Swallow wort
It also bears flowers which are violet, light purple or whitish in colour. These are found in bunches with an unique fragrance. It bears fruit which are 2-3 inch long and 1-2 inch wide. They do not have a definite shape and can be round, oblong, egg-shape or curved too.


English name– Swallow-wort, Madar Kingdom- Plantae Family name- Asclepiadaceae Botanical name- Calotropis procera Hindi name- Akwan, Madar or Aak Sanskrit name- Ark, Aasphot etc

Misconception about Swallow-wort-

There is a common misconception about this medicinal plant ‘Swallow-wort’. Many of us think it as a poisonous one for human consumption. Yes it is a fact, if taken in large amount it may lead to stomach disorders or even death.

Flower and buds of Swallow-wort plant
Flower and buds of Swallow-wort plant

It can act as a potent medicine if taken under the supervision of a knowledgeable Ayurvedic practitioner. It is beneficial to cure many diseases. In some places this very plant is also called the botanical mercury.

Medicinal properties of Swallow-wort:-

Akwan plant on roadside
Akwan plant on roadside

Now, we will be talking about the medicinal properties of Swallow-wort. I am sure guys, have a look on these and you will be amazed! It has a vast amount of curative properties in it which is really unbelievable.

THis very shrub plant is present everywhere but due to the lack of knowledge about it, we are unable to utilize this precious thing. So, lets talk about its medicinal properties-

1. For Cataract-

In order to cure cataract naturally, have a look on the following points-

  • Take 10 gm powder of an old brick.
  • Dip this in the Swallow-wort milk and let the mixture dry.
  • Add 6-8 piece of clove to it; fill the pastel with rice and let the patient inhale this every morning.
  • It is very helpful to cure cataract.
  • Make sure that milk does not get into the eyes; it may cause a serious problem.

2. For Tooth ache-

  • Dip a piece of cotton in Swallow-wort milk and then smear it with ghee.
  • Place this cotton on the tooth; this helps in relieving pain.
  • Mix salt in swallow-wort milk and apply this on the aching tooth; this is also an excellent remedy.
  • Take out Swallow-wort root thick as a finger. Roast it on fire in a powder form.
  • Use it to brush teeth; it works as an immediate pain reliever.

3. For Face marks-

Fruit of Madar plant
Fruit of Madar plant

In order to cure any scar or marks on face;

  • Take 3 gm turmeric powder; mix it well with Swallow-wort milk and rose-water.
  • Apply this on patchy skin; make sure that the paste does not come in contact to eyes.
  • You can also use it as a face pack for soft, glowing and toned skin.

4. For Eye problems-

  • Take 1 gm of Swallow-work stem; crush it and soak in 20 gm of rose-water.
  • Wait for 5 minutes then strain the solution.
  • Put the drops in both eyes.
  • You can go with 2-2 drops twice a day.
  • It helps to cure eye pain, eye heaviness, eye irritation, redness of eyes, excess secretion etc like that.
  • Take Swallow-wort stem and burn it completely.
  • Take a little amount of ash and make a smooth paste.
  • Apply this around the eyes and on the eyelids, It works immensely to cure puffiness of eyes, swelling of eyelids, irritation of eyes and many more.

5. For hair lice and itching of head-

  • Apply the milk of Swallow-wort on the head.
  • Make it stay there for 10 minutes and wash off.
  • It helps to cure dandruff, hair lice, moisture and head ache.

6. For Epilepsy-

  • Take the flower of Swallow-wort and add 3 parts of old jaggery.
  • Crush the flowers and mix to the jaggery well.
  • Make round tablets of the pea size.
  • Take 1-2 tablets twice a day.
  • Or, take Swallow-wort flowers and blend them with black pepper.
  • Make tablets of these and take this 3-4 times a day.
  • Take Swallow-wort milk and mix it with little amount of powdered sugar to it.
  • Take about 125 mg of the mixture with 10 gm of hot milk everyday.

7. For Migraine-

  • Take 2-3 dried yellowish leaves of Swallow-wort.
  • Extract it and use for nasya.
  • It is very good to cure migraine.
  • Or, Take 10 gm powder of shade-dried root of Swallow-wort with 7 cardamoms, 500 mg each of Camphor and peppermint. Grind these and store in a bottle.
  • It cures migraine and heaviness of head.

8. For Jaundice-

  • Take 24 Swallow-wort leaves and mix them with 50 gm sugar.
  • Blend them to make a mixture and then make gram shaped tablets.
  • Adults can take 2-3 tablets a day.
  • Or, take the bark of Swallow-wort, 12 pieces of black pepper and 2-3 gm of punarnava root.
  • Grind them all with water and then strain the water.
  • Give this to the patient for twice a day.
  • During medication, the patient should avoid hot, spicy and unctuous food items.

9. For Breathing problems-

  • Take 50 gm of Swallow-wort flowers, clove and 6 gm of black pepper.
  • Blend them to make a fine paste; make small pea-sized tablets with this.
  • Take 1-2 tablets in the morning with lukewarm water.
  • It helps in controlling breathing problems.
  • Or, take soft stem and flowers of Swallow-wort and blend them.
  • Take 2-3 gm of this paste and roast it in ghee.
  • Mix it with jaggery and take it every morning.
  • It helps in treating old cough, phlegm mucous cough and other major breathing problems.

10. For Cholera-

  •  Take 2 parts of Swallow-wort  root bark and 1 part of black pepper.
  • Grind and sieve the mixture.
  • Add ginger/onion juice to it and form gram sized tablets of it.
  • Take these tablets regularly; it is a preventive medication towards cholera.
  • Or, take 10 gm of Swallow-wort buds and 5 gm each of Borax, cloves, ginger root, peepal and black salt.
  • Grind them to form tablets and give 1 tablet after short intervals to the patient.

11. For Dyspepsia-

  • Take equal quantities of Swallow-wort leaves, pulp of aloe-vera and sugar.
  • Cook them together till the sugar is completely melted.
  • Cool the solution and store it in a bottle.
  • As per the need, take 2-10 gm of this mixture.
  • It is very useful medicine for children in the age group of 6 months to 9-10 years.

12. For Urinal problems-

  • Take a little amount of Acacia tree root extract and Swallow-wort milk.
  • Mix them together and apply this milk around the belly button.
  • It cures Urinal problems.

13. For Ascites-

  • Take 1 kg of Swallow-wort leaf juice and add 20 gm of turmeric powder to it.
  • Cook this mixture on low heat till it becomes enough thick to make dough; to make gram sized tablets.
  • Take 2-2 tablets twice a day. Also give its decoction instead of water.
  • Or, take 8-10 Swallow-wort leaves; mix with rock salt and burn it in earthen pot.
  • Take 250 mg ash with curd water thrice a day.
  • It helps in curing Ascites and hepatomegaly too.

14. For Paralysis-

  • Take 500 gm Swallow-wort root and boil it in 4 litre water till 1 litre is left.
  • Add equal quantities of sugar candy, peepal, cardamom, black pepper and liquorice powder.
  • Cook all of them on low heat to prepare a squash.
  • Take 1-2 gm of this squash to the patient.
  • It helps to cure abdominal disorders, paralysis, pain in arms and legs and many more.

15. For Eczema-

  • Mix equal quantities of Swallow-wort milk and honey.
  • Apply this mixture on the affected area. It heals eczema quickly.
  • TAke 2 gm Swallow-wort root powder and 2 teaspoon of curd.
  • Mix them and apply on the affected area. It also works excellent in eczema.

16. For Wounds-

  • Take a leafless branch of Swallow-wort plant and remove its peel.
  • Take 40-50 gm of this peel and rub it to form a cake.
  • Heat this cake on a serving spoon and then place it on the top of the wound and tie it.
  • Repeat this for 2-3 times a day; it completely cures the wound.

17. For Leprosy-

  • Take 2 gm Swallow-wort root and grind it solid.
  • Cook it in 400 gm of water till the water is reduced to 50 gm.
  • Give this mixture to the patient to drink.

18. For Rickets-

  • Take 10 drops of Swallow-wort leaf extract and add 30 mg rock salt in it.
  • Give this to the patient; it results in vomiting and stools which help cure the rickets in children.

19. For Numbness-

  • Take 8-10 Swallow-wort leaves and fry tem in 250 gm oil.
  • Use this oil to massage the body parts.
  • Or, Take Swallow-wort milk in a glass bowl and add Mal kangani oil to it.
  • Use this mixture to massage the patient.
  • It helps to cure disorders like paralysis, numbness and many more.

20. For Scabies-

  • Take 10 gm Swallow-wort milk and cook it in 50 gm mustard oil.
  • When only oil is left or when milk is completely burnt; take it off and store in a bottle.
  • Massage twice a day with this oil at least three hours before taking the bath.
  • Within few days it will cure skin disorder completely.


p style=”text-align: justify;”>So, in this way we saw multiple benefits of Swallow-wort plant. You all must be amazed of its curative properties; Isn’t it! So guys, go green and live well !


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