Maintain your Diabetes level with this Guava leaf water

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Diabetes or Diabetes mellitus is a pancreatic disorder, in which our pancreas doesn’t respond or stop producing a hormone called  ‘insulin’. Today we will be telling you about a very natural remedy of guava leaves, which maintains your blood sugar effectively.

Diabetes is a condition, in which your blood sugar increases rapidly, leading to certain health issues. The late term consequences of diabetes gets very bad; starting from blurred eyesight to organ decay even!

Many people take a lot of medication for diabetes, even the shots of insulin! Those things of course lower your blood sugar (temporarily), but can be bad and threatening for future references.

Now you don’t need to get worried. Today we will be telling you a natural and easy way to lower your blood sugar effectively and easily.

guava leaves
guava leaves

Have you heard about the benefits of Guava leaves? Yes, the thing which is called ‘amrood’ in Hindi. It is a very effective remedy for several health issues, and works very well in diabetes.

Let us see the remedy, and if you too are worrying and helpless of diabetes, then must give a try!


  • Matured guava leaves- 8-10
  • Drinking water- 4 cups
  • Fenugreek seeds- 1 teaspoon

Method of preparation:

guava leaves boiling
guava leaves boiling
  1. Take a saucepan or any boiling vessel.
  2. Clean the guava leaves under running water, so that no dust particles is there.
  3. Now put the guava leaves, fenugreek seeds and water into the pan.
  4. Make it boil in low flame, so that the water is reduced to one cup.
  5. Drink this water in an empty stomach everyday.


Every month go for blood glucose test, you will notice gradually blood sugar is getting balanced.


  • Make sure that the leaves are plucked 5-10 minutes before boiling.
  • If you are having any allergy related to the ingredients, then must consult a doctor before taking this.

This remedy is based of some practical experiences and researches. Still, it is better to consult a doctor or naturopath before starting this.

Hope you like the post, share it to all and don’t forget to leave a comment! Take care and live well!

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