How to make your eyes beautiful and healthy naturally

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Our eyes are considered as the window of the soul. We humans have one pair of eyes that makes us liable to gaze the colourful world. Just imagine life without sight; everywhere dark! Eyes are the most sensitive and the most precious organs. They have to work all day long and rests only when we sleep. In human beings, eyes are often black, brown and grey; blue and green are seen in rare cases.

Importance of eyes in human body:-

Beautiful and big eyes
Beautiful and big eyes
All the living beings except trees possesses eyes. Even the coconut; the 3 dots present on its shells are regarded as eyes and the thorny fresh surface outside the pineapple peel are also regarded as eyes. Eyes are really an integral part for human beings. Not only for seeing this world but also for a correct look. Just imagine yourself without eyes! A portrait of ugliness and weird look will appear in your mind.

Why two eyes, when one is also able to gaze?

You must be thinking, why nature has gifted us two eyes. Afterall, our both the eyes works the same and it not as if one stops working other will work as the same. Then why so? The reason is, through the two eyes our gazing is for complete 360° whereas with one it is not adequate. You must have seen most of your cartoon characters having one eye; as on the middle. Do they look good? That is why nature has gifted us two eyes which also makes us look good with their own benefits.

Anatomy of Human eyes:-

Diagram of eyes and its internal parts
Diagram of eyes and its internal parts
Reading this topic, you must be wondering what is the need to discuss about the eye anatomy in this article; which is based how to beautify it naturally. Guys it’s a try of ours to provide you complete knowledge about these. Our eyes look very small and tiny from outside na, but it is quite large same as a golf ball or like a hen egg. There are several parts and veins  which has its own functions.

As the human body is made of several parts; limbs, head, abdomen etc similarly our eyes are also meant with several building-blocks like sclera, ciliary muscles, cornea, retina, pupil, aqueous humour, vitreous humour etc. The cornea part, which is considered as the most important; contains two types of special cells; cone cells and rod cells. They are responsible to distinguish colour and sight for day and night.
When we go to donate eyes, not the whole eyes but only the cornea part is taken out which gives sight to someone else. Guys, many persons are there who will to donate their eyes after death. So, that after their death their eyes will provide enlightenment and sight in somebody else’s life.
Eye disorders
Eye disorders

Eye disorders:-

In the present world, millions of people are suffering from eye disorders. It is like a trend but a type of disorder itself; spectacles. Today, even kids studying in second standard are also seen with power glasses. Kids and youngsters are the root for the nation’s developments; if they are only trapped with the support of eye glasses then what will be the future ahead! Cataracts, glaucoma, pterygium, double-vision, colour blindness, myopia etc are commonly seen.

Not only this, there are many diseases like Stye, conjunctivitis, cataract etc which damages the outer look of your eyes. Either the lids gets inflamed or develops some infections. Following we will be giving some natural tips through which you can make your eyes naturally beautiful and protect it from seasonal ailments.

Natural tips to keep your eyes beautiful and healthy:-

Natural way to care your eyes
Natural way to care your eyes
  1. Take a tablespoon of water and add 4-5 drops of lemon and  2 pinches of common salt. Mix it well and use this 2-2 drops on both the eyes twice a day. It makes your eyes look healthy and also cures night-blindness.
  2. You can also use “Drishti eye drop” which is available at Patanjali stores. It is very sharp as made with juice of onion, lemon, honey and garlic.
  3. Keep yourself hydrated. Drink 3-4 litres of water everyday. It keeps your eyes beautiful naturally.
  4. Splash cold water in your eyes 3-4 times days. It maintains the beauty of your eyes and also prevents any kind of seasonal infections.
  5. Go green! Include green vegetables in your diet as they are rich source of Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, beta-carotene, trace metals and many more.
  6. For good eyesight, early morning walk on tender grasses with barefoot. It relaxes your nerves and enhances your eyesight.
  7. Go with Kapalbhati Pranayama. It is the best way to care your eyes and increase their power.
  8. Avoid fast food with extra oil, spicy food and greasy food. These are bad for your eye health.
  9. “Amla churna” is the best thing for everyone. After freshen-up intake a tablespoon of amla churna. Make it as your food supplement and have daily. It will keep your eyes healthy avoiding al kinds of eye flu’s and ailments.
  10. Take out the ice tray and fill it with the mixture of water and rose-water. When it forms ice apply this as kajal and little inside your eyes. It is the best way to refreshes your eyes making it look beautiful and glossy.
  11. Rinse your eyes with cool water after waking up. Those suffering from eye problems; fill your mouth with water and splash cool water on eyes. Now gargle that water and spit out. It will take off heat from eyes keeping your eyes healthy.
  12. Avoid too much f eye make-up like mascara, liner and eye-shadows. These suffocates your eyes which not a bit good. If you are using it then before the ye make-up apply some ice over it. In order to remove the eye make-up use baby oil and cotton.
  13. Put the cucumber slices over your eyes twice a week. Stay resting and feel its coolness.
  14. You can also apply Aloe Vera gel outside your eye surfaces. It protects from dark circles and pigmentations.
  15. Include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet.
  16. Instead of aerated and soft drinks, use coconut water or lemon water. It is the natural way to keep your eyes healthy and beautiful.

Guys, to keep your eyes protected and beautiful is not a big deal. Just have care with it and follow a routine lifestyle. Take care and live well!

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