Herbal Remedies to uproot Pyorrhoea

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Our teeth are compared with the pearls! When we are kids, our teeth looks same as real shining pearls. As we grow up, due to several our habits, practices and lifestyle; especially due to the diet our teeth gets harshly hampered. Those who are careful their teeth remains whiter and healthier. Well, here we will be talking about a kind of oral gum problems which is called ‘Pyorrhoea‘.

What is called Pyorrhoea?

Pyorrhoea, or periodontal disease to give it a proper medical term, is a disease of the teeth socket. It is one of the widely prevalent diseases these days.Pyorrhoea can be described as a common dental condition. When a periodontal disease reaches an advanced stage, it is usually referred to, as pyorrhoea.If affects the membrane surrounding of the teeth-root, with loosening of the teeth, pus formation and shrinkage of the gum. This very disease is the primary cause of tooth loss and tooth problems among the adults.

It is mainly an infection in the bones, as well as the ligaments that support the teeth that leads to this dental condition. While it is not a particularly serious condition, pyorrhoea should be checked and controlled in time, or else it could lead to shrinkage of those gums that surround the teeth. In some cases, pyorrhoea could also lead to loss of teeth. Medically known as Pyorrhoea Alveolaris, this condition is also commonly referred to as pyorrhea.

Symptoms of Pyorrhoea:-

Pyorrhoea affected gums
Pyorrhoea affected gums

Usually, every oral and teeth disease has apparently the same symptoms. It becomes quite difficult to guess the disease actually. Fortunately, pyorrhoea is a fairly painless condition and at the same time, it does not trigger off any serious discomfort that interferes Well, following are the symptoms of Pyorrhoea which will help you to identify the disorder;

  • Tenderness of gum and oozing out of pus when pressed
  • Swelling of gum
  • Difficulty in chewing solid food ingredients
  • Foul smell in mouth or Halitosis
  • Bleeding is often is pyorrhoea
  • Due to the passing of pus to the stomach; the stomach also fails to work properly
  • Disturbed digestion
  • Adverse affected liver and the whole system

Now, you must be willing to know how actually this dreadful disease is caused. This disease is orally caused but the affects may last to heavy digestive problems even. So now, we will be talking about the causative agent of Pyorrhoea.

Causes of Pyorrhoea:-

Pyorrhoea is a disease which is triggered and caused by bacterial activity. A thin layer of harmful bacteria is continuously building up in our teeth. If we are not able to cleanse it properly, then it forms an organised mass on the tooth surface in a short time. For the reader’s convenient, let’s talk thee causes in the point form.

  1. Physical and chemical irritants in the mouth
  2. Stagnation of food particles may also be the reason
  3. Improper use of toothpicks may also cause the same
  4. Habitual use of white bread and refined products aids in the development of disease formation
  5. Untreated gum injuries
  6. Excess stress and prolonged tension
  7. Blood diseases
  8. Unhygienic oral habits.
Laser surgery for Pyorrhoea
Laser surgery for Pyorrhoea

Now, let us talk bout the treatment procedure of Pyorrhoea. Any treatment or Pyorrhoea, to be effective, should be constitutional. It should aim at cleansing the blood and tissues of the acid impurities which are the root of the trouble. The extraction of teeth affected with the disease will not help clear the systematic toxemia. Same case is done in Allopath, if you visit the dentist he will either advise you for surgery or for some temporary treatment. Many times the treatment becomes so much costly and painful that the person hesitates.

Now, here is a treatment feasible and affordable by all. It is called ‘Herbal Treatment’. This very treatment is done using simpler herbs and the things found in nature itself. Well, let’s have a look to such treatment procedures and get benefited of it.

Herbal Treatment for Pyorrhoea:-

  • The powders of the barks Bakula and Babula are very good and are used as tooth powders.
  • Also the gums should be rubbed with Bhadramustadi Gutika.
  • Dasana Samskara Churna is the most commonly prescribed medicine for pyorrhoea. This is also used as a tooth powder.
  • The twig of Neem tree of Banyan tree should be used for brushing.
  • Hot water mixed with borax should be used for gargling mouth.
  • Massage your gums everyday with pure mustard oil to prevent pyorrhoea. A pinch of salt can also be added to the oil.
  • Keep a piece of onion and onion seed(kalonji) in the mouth below the teeth for sometime till the saliva starts dripping from the mouth. It is an ideal treatment for pyorrhoea.
  • Chew tender leaves of guava; it is also very beneficial to stop gum bleeding and inhibits the bacterial growth.
Herbal Remedies for Pyorrhoea
Herbal Remedies for Pyorrhoea

Diet Routine for Pyorrhoea:-

  • Natural treatment says, that the person should begin the treatment with a short juice fast for three to five days. The fresh juice of orange diluted with water on 50:50 basis, should be taken at two-hourly intervals from 8 a.m to 8 p.m.
  • The person should stay in a fruit diet for three to five days. Fresh and juicy fruits such as apples, pears, grapes, grapefruit, oranges, pineapple and melon must be there.
  • Thereafter the person may gradually embark upon a balanced diet, with emphasis on fresh fruits, green salads, whole meal bread, nuts, properly cooked vegetables and milk.
  • White bread, white sugar and all refined and tinned foods must be completely given up.
  • The person should also stay away from starchy and sticky foods.
  • Raw spinach juice is another valuable food remedy for the prevention and treatment of pyorrhoea.
  • Lemon and lime are also useful in pyorrhoea due to its high Vitamin C content.

Healthy Routine to cure Pyorrhoea-

As a fact, diseases occurs only when there is unhealthy situation and the person is careless about its own body. Following are some of the daily routine tips which re really necessary to stay away from such ailments;

  1. Make sure that you brush your teeth twice a day with soft bristle brush.
  2. Use some herbal toothpaste which is free from chemical and other additives.
  3. Always opt for healthy diet and adequate water in the diet.
  4. Chew the leaves of Tulsi and Neem daily.

So, in this way we saw how herbal remedies are so useful to keep you prevented from diseases and in cure too; to offer you affordable and feasible treatment. Take care and live well!

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