Herbal remedies to treat Skin infection- Impetigo

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There are several skin diseases, which looks smaller but can be highly contagious in nature. Our article is on a same type of disease called Impetigo. Today we will be talking about a skin problem and its herbal cure called Impetigo.

Skin diseases or dermal infections, are the sort of problems which looks very ugly and afflicted.

What is called Impetigo?

impetigo skin disease
impetigo skin disease

Impetigo is an extremely contagious skin disease, This is the disease, which is very frequent in childhood. Although, the disease also affects adults, in later age.

This disease spreads rapidly from one person to another by close contact. It is especially seen in areas with unhygienic conditions.

Symptoms of Impetigo:

  • Fluid-filled vesicles all across the chin and nose
  • Later on it spreads to other parts of face and body
  • Heavy urge to scratch the blisters
  • Yellowish scabs and crusts on the skin
  • Swollen lymph nodes near the infected area

Causes of Impetigo:

  • Impetigo is caused by streptococcci germs called Staphylococci.
  • As the disease outbreaks, the organism spread quickly.
  • The disease may also occur due to eczema, scabies and head-louse infestation.
  • The disease is also caused from malnutrition, due to wrong feeding and unhygienic habits of living.
  • Insect bites may also lead to the disease.

How it is diagnosed?

  1. Several urine tests and blood tests can be done to identify the disease.
  2. Your doctor will simply diagnose it by looking at your skin.
  3. A small piece of sore can also be used to diagnose the infection.

Treatment of  the disease:

Most probably, antibiotics are prescribed for the disease. Doctor will also prescribe some antiseptic/antibiotic creams to cure the sores completely.

This was the allopathic cure for the disease, now we shall be telling you some of the herbal and home remedies for skin disease; Impetigo.

Herbal treatment for Impetigo:

  1. Correct hygiene, proper diet and fresh air are the best treatments for Impetigo.
  2. Patient should be given fresh juicy fruits such as orange, apple, pineapple, peach, pear and papaya.
  3. The patient should be given well-balanced diet of milk, seeds, nuts, grains, vegetables and fruits.
  4. Turnip is one of the effective remedy for the disease, it should be given to the patient as a medicine.
  5. Juice of garlic should  be applied on the skin for better results.
  6. The patient should sit in sun for sometimes, for better results.
  7. Patient can also apply aloe vera juice on the treating blisters, this gives relief in itching.

These were the herbal remedies for the skin disease. Share this to all, so that it may prove helpful for the victim. Take care and live well!

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