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10 Amazing Health Benefits of Ginger Plant

Ginger roots with slices
Ginger root and slices
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India is known as the land of herbs and plantations. Herbs; are the small plants but has hidden numerous benefits and healing properties in it. In the present era, Herbal remedies are getting flourished all over the world with a turbo speed. This article is about Amazing Health Benefits of Ginger Plant.

Herbal Remedies constitutes medicinal plants and other elements which has medical properties in it. Here we will be talking about ‘ginger’. One must know that this very herb is commonly used in all kinds of Ayurvedic medicines due to its efficacy to cure ailments.

Benefits of Ginger Plant


Ginger is a flowering plant is  grown all over India. It grows best in fertile and sandy soil and its edible root grows underground. The leaves resemble bamboo leaves which grows 1-1 1/2 ft above the ground. It is indigenous to South China and in the present date India is the largest producer.

Flower of ginger plant

Its plant produce clusters of white-pink flower buds that bloom into yellow flowers. Ginger is often used as landscaping around subtropical homes. its roots are called rhizomes which are used when ripe.


roots of Ginger Plant

It belongs to kingdom ‘Plantae’ and “Zingiberaceae” family.m Its binomial name is. In Hindi it is called Aadi, Adrak and when it dries it is called Saunth. In Telugu language it is also called ‘Salam or Shonthi’.


Dietary fibres2.4%
Calcium20 mg
Phosphorus60 mg
Iron2.6 mg
VitaminA, B, C

Apart from above table it also contain starch, choline, volatile oil etc.

Uses of Ginger:

Ginger tea for health
  • A kind of volatile oil is extracted from fresh ginger which is used in many medical purposes.
  • Young ginger rhizomes are often used in pickles or a kind of ingredient in many snacks.
  • it is widely used as an ingredient to cook herbal tea or green tea.
  • The juice obtained from its roots is often used as a spice in several Indian dishes.
  • its powder is commonly used in many dishes of different cuisines.
  • it is also used to prepare rum and kinds of wine.
  • Candied or crystallized ginger is a type of confectionery itself.

Medicinal properties of ginger:

Ginger farms with tender plants

Due to its warm and aromatic nature; it is used to treat varieties of diseases. It has the potency to cure diseases.

Following are some of the health benefits of ginger plant:


1. For Toothache:

In case of any kind of tooth problems, chew ripe ginger pieces. Let the juice enter to gums and teeth. It will cure toothache.


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