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Hair Care with Proven Ayurvedic Remedies

hair care with ayurvedic remedies
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Everyone experiences some amount of hair fall daily, which is normal. But if you are experiencing a lot of hair fall then, it needs to be corrected.

Do you wake up with hairs fallen all over your pillow? Or are you scared by seeing hundreds of hairs tangled in your comb after combing? Do you see your old childhood pictures and wish to have that beautiful hair again?

Also, there are many of us who experience early balding or greying of hair and this in turn makes us feel less confident.

Relax, if you are experiencing hair fall or want to improve the quality of your hair, then here we are for your help. After all, everyone wishes to have beautiful hair. 

What is the basis of hair treatment in Ayurveda?

Every treatment in Ayurveda depends on your Prakriti and doshas which are imbalanced. Your hair texture represents which dosha is imbalanced.

For instance, if your hair is too brittle, frizzy and dry then this represents that Vata dosha is imbalanced. On the other hand, if pitta dosha is imbalanced then your hair may change colour from black to brown or grey. You may also notice baldness. And if there is an imbalance in Kapha dosha then the hair may become too greasy or oily. 

Toxins present in our body imbalances doshas and these vitiated doshas lead to hair fall.

Hair Care with proven Ayurvedic Remedies

Ayurveda includes procedures that eliminate toxins from our bodies. It also provides other treatments which help not only in controlling hair fall but also are the solutions to other hair problems.


1. Shirolepa (Hair pack)

This is the solution to your common hair problems.  It helps in coping with dandruff, split ends, Frizzy hair, and hair fall.

Herbs according to your need are used to make a paste and this paste is applied over your head. This cools your head and improves blood circulation. Moreover, this remedy is tremendously effective against insomnia and headache.

You can prepare hair packs at your home too. You can have a look at this one.


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