Ayurvedic Remedies To Reduce The Sitting Of Dialysis & Avoid Dialysis


Herbs are the ‘medicinal plants’ used in treating and curing various ailments thus enhancing the wellbeing and vitality of an individual. Other than this, herbs also provide flavoring and essence to the number food items. As Ayurveda is blessed with many herbs for different kind of health problems. Ayurveda has large number of herbs for various kidney problems. Most of the patient whose kidneys are not working due to some infections or due to chronic diseases like high blood pressure, high sugar level etc are advised for undergoing dialysis but it is very costly and not a permanent treatment so in ayurveda there are herbs which are very much effective in kidney problems and gives permanent relief from the kidney diseases hence, these herbs or ayurvedic medicines are very useful in avoiding dialysis.

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What Is Kidney Dialysis?

  • Kidney dialysis is a process that restores the blood after filter up the harmful wastes, salt, and excess fluid from the blood with the help of special machine. Many of the kidney’s important functions are replaced by dialysis.
  • Kidney dialysis is of different types which include:
    Hemodialysis: By using a dialyzer and dialysis machine Blood is filtered.

Peritoneal dialysis: Its process of filtration that includes when the abdomen is filled up with cleaning solution and thus the blood is filtered in the body. During the hemodialysis, the patient is connected to the machine that helps in filtering up the blood.

Peritoneal dialysis: Its process of filtration that includes when the abdomen is filled up with cleaning solution and thus the blood is filtered in the body. During the hemodialysis, the patient is connected to the machine that helps in filtering up the blood.

Risks associated with dialysis includes bleeding at the access site, low blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, infection, nausea, air bubbles in the blood.

Why Dialysis is needed?

  1. Due to Kidney Failure occurs when the nephrons get damaged, than the kidneys lose its ability of filtration due to which there is accumulation of dangerous levels of fluid and harmful waste in the body takes place that results in coma that leads to death of a person.
  2. Impossible Kidney Transplant Those kidney failure patients who are not advised for kidney transplant due to some health problems like heart failure and some kind of cancer thus they are not suitable for kidney transplant so will need to have dialysis for the rest of his life.
  3. Decrease in the “creatinine level” and the “blood urea nitrogen” (BUN) level. As when these two levels rises, that results in decreasing ability of the kidneys to cleanse the body of waste products.
  4. If the patient is experiencing a major inability to rid the body of excess water, or is complaining of problems with the heart, lungs, or stomach, or difficulties with taste or sensation in their legs, dialysis may be indicated even though the creatinine clearance has not fallen to the 10-12 cc/minute level.
  5. When the kidneys function properly it helps to prevent salt, extra water, and waste from accumulating into the body.
  6. Kidneys help to control blood pressure and maintain important chemicals into the blood, such as sodium and potassium but When kidneys stops function properly due to disease or injury, dialysis will help in purifying the blood.

How to avoid dialysis?

  • By adapting healthy lifestyle.
  • Urinary tract infections need urgent treatment.
  • Excessive obesity both raises blood pressure and increases insulin resistance so timely checking of blood pressure should be done.
  • When kidney disease is diagnosed then treatment should be taken immediately to retard its progression.
  • Need to control cholesterol level as because too much of this fatty substance in the blood overworks or overloads kidney.
  • Stress on heart should be avoided as it further damages the kidneys.
  • There should be proper checking of blood sugar level.

Herbal Medicines

There are Ayurvedic remedies for kidney problems which are available in the form of Pack known as “Revive Kidney Pack” that is prepared from different herb. It is a high quality product. This product is not containing any colors, artificial flavors, fillers or preservatives.

1. Rencure Formula

It consists of herbs which together works in normalizing the functioning of kidney. The herbs are namely Punarnava, Varun, gokshur, Kaasni, Palaash

  • These herbs promotes the flow of urine and hence helps in removing renal calculi or stones.
  • They are giving strength to kidneys.
  • They act as natural blood Purifier
  • They are known to be effective in most urinary tract disorders
  • They have curative property so can be used in the patients who have problem in urine retention
  • All these herbs in combine form are helpful in dysuria.
  • Dosage: 2 Capsules twice daily, after meals, with plain water.

2. Punarnava Mandur

It contains only Punarnava herb. This herb is very much helpful in reviving the proper functioning of kidneys.

  • It act as a detoxifier.
  • It revives the body
  • It increasing the haemoglobin level of an individual.
  • It provides health, stamina and vitality to the body
  • It helps in reducing the swelling
  • It helps in excreting out the dangerous fluids from the body.

Dosage: 2 Tablets thrice daily, after meals with plain water.

3. Varunadi Vati

It contains only Varun. It is very effective in treatment of renal related problems.

  • It acts as a diuretic
  • It is useful in various kidney or urinary tract related infections
  • It is useful in BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy)
  • Stones are also eliminated from the urinary tract by regular use of this herb.

Dosage: 2 Tablets thrice daily, after meals with plain water.

4. Mutrakrichantak Churna

This churna contains some herbs like Varun, punarnava, gokshur, kaasni, bhumi amla, shirish, shigru, apamarg. All of them in combination are helpful in preventing the worsening of symptoms in patients suffering from kidney problems thus helps in avoiding dialysis.

  • The herbs in it are very useful in removing cyst from kidneys as to prevent further damage of kidneys thus avoiding dialysis.
  • They are helpful in lowering down the blood urea level and serum creatinine level which increases in kidney failure so these herbs are beneficial to avoid dialysis.
  • They are effective in elimination of renal or kidney stones.

Dosage: 1 teaspoonful twice daily, with plain water, after meals or boil 1 tablespoonful powder in 400 ml water, boil it un till the water remains 50 ml, consume once daily. Make fresh every time.

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