5 commonly seen diseases and its natural cure

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According to a story; once a God in form of human was travelling with a wooden box. On the way he handed the box to one native person and advised not to open till he turns. After a few days of waiting, the patience of that native man ended and in excitement that there must be jewels and diamonds; he opened the box. What he saw was, all the cries, afflictions, ailments, misfortune and sadness came out and spread to all over the world. In the present era, all of us are suffering from diseases; minor or major. Here,. we will be talking about 5 commonly seen diseases and its natural; cure.

What is Alternative cure?

Natural Remedies to cure diseases
Natural Remedies to cure diseases

9 out of 10 visits allopath to cure diseases. As a fact, allopath is quite expensive, unaffordable, filled with side-effects, unsatisfactory and many more. Still, we guys blindly march to it. Why is it so? This is because of lack of natural knowledge. Our nature is filled with miraculous herbs and cures and the best part is; they are free of cost or having very minimal prices. Alternative medicines talk the same. It relies upon the base of nature cure or cure through self-potent.

5 common diseases and its natural cure:-

1. Headache-

Headache due to many reasons
Headache due to many reasons

Headache; there are many types of headache with their perspective causes. Migraine, Tension, Stress, Swinging of moods, Common headache, Headache due to Sinusitis and many more. Many of us rely upon painkillers to cure them. Do you know the second name of painkiller is ‘Slow poison’? It slowly deplete your organs especially the kidneys and the liver. Following are the tip which has the potency to cure mostly all types of headaches.

  • Go with meditation. If you are suffering from headaches due to tensions and stress then meditation will surely work. It is the simple thing which connects your soul with the almighty spirit.
  • Have a glass of warm water. Warm water works 5 times much effectively than any other drugs and medication.
  • Try to close your right nostril  and use your left nostril to breathe. In about 5 minutes, your headache will go.
  • If suffering from headache due to tiredness, do the reverse. Breathe with right nostril. after a while, you will feel your mind is refreshed.
  • If you suffer from continual headaches then; close your right nostril and breathe with left nostril. Your headaches will be gone.

2. Acidity-

Acidity and stomach problems
Acidity and stomach problems

Acidity; it is said, is worse than Cancer. When it starts tickling and bubbling your stomach it is really the worse! It is one of the common disease people encounter in their daily life. There can be many reasons for acidity. Some can be the simple acidity whereas some can be the symptom of major diseases. Actually, our stomach contains an acid called ‘pepsin’ which is responsible to digest the food. When it develops in abundant then the case results in ‘Acidity’. Following are the natural cure for Acidity:-

  • Take a glass of warm water and add a few drops of mint juice in it. Stir well and drink it. It reduces the acid concentration in body and aids the disorder.
  • After having meals, chew few grains of Fennel or drink water cooked with fennel seeds. It helps to cure indigestion and acidity.
  • Uncooked rice grains also works a lot in it.
  • Take 8-10 rice grains and swallow it with water before having breakfast.
  • Do this for a month. It reduces acid levels in body and makes you feel better day by day.

3. Cholesterol-


Cholesterol is termed to the yellowish kind of substance or plaque which gets deposited on the blood arteries. It slows down the process of circulation and becomes riskier for heart and other body parts. In allopath, several drugs etc are provided to cut down those deposits but also has many side-effects. Following are the natural tips how to cure and stay away from cholesterol problems.

  • Take Betel nut which is not flavoured.
  • Slice it or divide into pieces. Chew it for about 20-40 minutes then spit out.
  • Its juice acts as a blood thinner which makes it free-flowing.
  • You can also have a glass of warm water with honey and lime regularly.
  • Chew 2 leaves of Holy Basil and Neem daily.

4. Blood pressure-

Blood pressure problem
Blood pressure problem

Blood pressure is an issue by which 8 out of 10 are grasped. It is also accompanied with hypertension and heart diseases. Following are some of the natural treatise methods which will surely helps;

  • Take about 8-10 Fenugreek seeds.
  • Swallow it with water; before taking your breakfast.
  • It is the best way to cure Blood pressure.
  • On a daily basis, chew 2-2 leaves of Holy Basil, Neem and Brahmi.

5. Diabetes


Diabetes is a disorder in which the sugar level in the body is increases. In this, the production of insulin becomes inadequate leading to the raised glucose level in body. Diabetes has two types; Type 1 and Type 2. In addition to sugar problem, many more problems like weakening of eyesight, kidney problems, lack of appetite etc are also correlated with it. Following are the natural cure for Diabetes-

  • A person suffering from diabetes must have lemon water.
  • Neem leaves or a solution of neem leaves must be taken.
  • Food stuffs such as Black plum, Bitter gourd, ladyfingers etc must be included in diet.
  • Take 2 medium-sized ladyfingers or Okra and cut its head.
  • Take a glass of water and dip the two from the head side.
  • Cover with a plate and leave it for overnight.
  • Next morning, remove the okra and drink the water.
  • In this the water becomes sticky and this water is very beneficial to cure diabetes.
  • Black tea is also a good thing for Diabetes cure.

So, in this way we can see how natural cure helps to stay away or cured with these commonly appearing diseases. It is eco-friendly, satisfactory and affordable by everyone. So, take care and live well!

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