How to Manage Diabetic Neuropathy in Ayurveda


The disorder named diabetic neuropathy is related to the nerve damage that occurs due to diabetes. Due to the increase in the blood sugar, the damage to the nerve fibers present throughout the body takes place. This damage occurs because of the continuous exposure of high blood sugar to the nerves.

Types of Diabetic Neuropathy

Peripheral diabetic neuropathy

This condition leads to the unbearable pain in the body and the loss of sensation in feet, hands, legs and arms.

Autonomic neuropathy

This condition is related to the decrease in the digestion and bowel movements. The disturbances in the functions of bladder, perspiration and loss of sexual response. This disorder affects the nerves responsible to control blood pressure and heart.

Focal neuropathy

This occurs due to sudden weakness in one nerve or in a group of nerves of specific area. This leads to the muscle weakness or pain at that area.

Proximal neuropathy

This type of neuropathy results severe pain in the hips, thighs, buttocks and the weakness is observed in the legs.

Herbs for Diabetic Neuropathy

Symptoms of diabetic neuropathy

The various symptoms can be seen in the patient of diabetic neuropathy;

  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Pain
  • Muscle weakness
  • Sensitivity to touch
  • Abnormal sensations in the hands/ feet
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Vertigo or dizziness
  • Impotency or numbness in sex organs

There are many changes a diabetic patient can do to avoid the situation of diabetic neuropathy. These can be changes in lifestyle and adding some natural herbs into the routine diet. The changes in diet and regular physical exercising can be beneficial in such conditions. Some home remedies and diets are explained as below to relieve the person with diabetic neuropathy;

Dietary Changes

There are many dietary changes recommended for the diabetic neuropathy patients. The low proportions of carbohydrates is useful in controlling the blood sugars levels which is helpful to prevent the nerve damage. The diet should be plant-based with low fat and vegetables with B12 supplements.

This type of balanced diet helps in improvement in A1C and cholesterol level. The meals should be taken in small proportions and avoiding more fatty foods. This can be helpful to relieve the digestive symptoms. The vegetarian person is reported to possess less pain and other neuropathy symptoms. The foods rich in vitamin B12, such as fish, fortified cereals, eggs, lean meat and poultry can also prove to be best to fight against this disease.

The use of B vitamins as supplements can also be important if taken, in the treatment of diabetic neuropathy. These all dietary changes can be useful in in facilitating the required transmission of nerve signals and also helps in regulating the nerve’s protective coating. The use of vitamin B as supplements can be useful in alleviating deficiency of it in the body and supports better nerve function.

Physical workout

The routine exercises can be beneficial to treat the disorder of diabetic neuropathy. The stretching exercises, yoga including pranayama and body massage, can proved to be best against this problem. These are helpful in reducing pain and delaying symptoms of the diabetic neuropathy. These are useful in burning fats and decreasing the level of cholesterol and fats. Which reduces the blood sugar and prevent the diabetes among people. Also these activities can be beneficial in maintaining the proper functioning of other organs of the body.

Avoid alcohol

The alcohol should be avoided, as it increase the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy. It increases the numbness, pain and also increase the chances of chronic condition in diabetes. It increases the blood sugar level, causes liver disorders and hypertension. These all can lead into chronic condition in diabetic patients, which can result into diabetic neuropathy in later stages.

Health supplements

The huge list of health supplements is present, if taken regularly can be prevent the condition of diabetic neuropathy, for example; alpha-lipoic acid, Fish oil and Curcumin. These health supplements are useful in the prevention of diabetic neuropathy. These possess the property antioxidant which helps in improving flow of blood and reduce inflammation.

Herbs for Diabetic neuropathy

  • Asphaltum Punibiunum (Shilajit) is very important in diabetes, as various minerals in Shilajit helps in improving the whole body metabolism. It helps in fighting against the weakness and pain in the body in diabetic neuropathy, rejuvenate the ageing cells and useful in sex related problems in diabetic neuropathy.
  • Terminalia Chebula (Haritaki) improves the gastrointestinal problems of diabetes neuropathy patients. It is beneficial in increasing hemoglobin in the blood and increases the bowel movements during this problem. Terminalia Belerica (Vibhitaki) used to thinning and purifying the blood, which is very important thing for diabetic patient. It prevents the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy by increasing the hemoglobin count.
  • Commiphora Mukul (Guggul) known for rejuvenating the cells of the body. It increases the hemoglobin content and helps in reduction of triglycerides and cholesterol, which helps in preventing diabetes.
  • Emblica Officinalis (Amalaki) possess rejuvenating properties, presence of antioxidant removes toxins from the body and helps in strengthening immunity. Helps in boosting metabolism and also controls blood sugar, which makes it important for diabetic patients and prevents the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy.
  • Acorus Calamus (Vacha) is known for maintaining healthy circulatory system. Helpful in increasing the hemoglobin count and generation of RBC’s.
  • Withania Somnifera (Ashwagandha) is helpful to relieve the weakness of memory/ body, stress and fatigue. Helps in boosting stamina and endurance power, which is important for diabetic neuropathy patients. It possess the properties antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, boosting strength, sex power and immunity, which makes ashwagandha as a best herb for preventing the symptoms of diabetes neuropathy.

Along with these home remedies and lifestyle changes the problem of diabetic neuropathy can be prevented. The use of acupuncture, meditation and relaxation techniques can also relieve the pain of diabetic neuropathy.

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