Common things about neck pain and its herbal cure


Pain, inflammation etc are something which are really hectic and uncomfortable to bear out. Sometimes it has no sign but is felt by the victim; many times some swelling and redness can be seen on the affected area. Many times; pain and swelling are itself the symptoms of some disease.

Pain can be seen in any of the body part; with several specific reasons. Here we will be talking about neck pain also known as cervical pain. Earlier it was seen in rare cases, but as the society got extended this very ailment also got common. So, lets proceed to our topic.

Introduction to neck:-

Neck pain
Neck pain

Before moving to neck pain; one must be clear about what is neck. Your neck is made up of vertebrae which directly extends up to upper torso to skull. There are cervical disks present which absorbs shock between the bones. There are several muscles and organs like thyroid present between the neck part.

Neck pain:-

Neck pain also called cervical pain affects our cervical spine or the sides of neck. Many people experience stiffness or neck pain occasionally; there can be many reasons behind this like wrong posture, abnormality in neck area, diet and many more. One must know, this very neck pain sometimes gets unbearable and when it gets increased treatment becomes very difficult. In some cases, neck pain indicates muscle injury where you need to seek a doctor.

Signs and symptoms of neck pain:-

Neck pain due to sedentary lifestyle
Neck pain due to sedentary work

As every ailment has some symptoms in it, same in neck pain it has many symptoms in it. Some are listed below-

  • Headache
  • Sight pain in cervical area; may be left or right side
  • Stiffness on neck
  • Tenderness
  • Weakness in arms
  • muscle pain
  • stiff neck etc

Causes of neck pain:-

There can be many susceptible reasons for neck pain. Each of them depends on your pain type, body constituency and many more. Like in many; neck pain is caused due to some injury whereas in some it is due to some own carelessness.

There can be many other reasons behind this like those suffering from Arthritis even feel it; torticollis, Osteoporosis, Fibromyalgia, Hemorrhage etc can also be the reasons. Following are some of the common reasons for neck pain-

  1. If one’s diet is not balanced and lacks vital nutrients like protein, calcium, trace metals etc then it can also create spasm around neck area which is called neck pain.
  2. Due to wear and tear of muscles and extreme hock can also correlate with neck pain. Like when you pick some weighty thing with hands then you will find your shoulders, cervical area and arms gets stiffen.
  3. Wrong posture can also result in cervical pains; like if you sit, walk, stand or sleep in a wrong pose it will affect your muscles and can even cause stiffness.
  4. Long time and continuous working on computers can even cause cervical pains. This case is promptly seen in IT field; it makes your neck muscles gets stiffen and overdose can result in severe neck pain.
  5. Stress and depression; these are main factor to cause any kind of disease. When you get stressed then it affects your CNS and spinal cord; after sometimes it gets developed to spasm or neck pain.
  6. Lack of physical activities may also result in cervical disorders; as to work frequently it needs physical exercises.

Home remedies for neck pain cure:-

Sometimes when we are so much worried about the ongoing neck pain then simply the cure is hidden at our home itself. It is called ‘Home remedies’. Following are the home remedies for neck pain-

  • For the patient; it is advisable as you get the sign of neck pain then don’t avoid it. Start with some home remedies as it will cure fast; if it gets increased due to your avoidance then can last long. So, beware!
  • Use a hot water bag and place on the affected cervical part; it gives an immense cure.
  • Perform some minor exercise of neck and you will feel the results.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of salt to 1 bowl of water and heat till it boils. Using a soft cloth, dip into the water and apply with pressing over the inflamed area. After that you can have a nap so that it gets cured well.
  • If it has turned to severe one; then you can have some analgesics like Zerodol, Rantac, Aspirin etc as accordance to your physician.
  • Gentle stretching should be performed as it results in immense cure.

Ayurvedic cure for Neck pain:-

Ayurveda is one of the ancient form of treatment which has immense results only till the disease is limited between 4th stage. Well, as it the case of spine problem then mostly physical exercise   is involved but following are some of the herbal remedies for neck pain cure-



Studies show that some essential oils of some fragrant herbs heals a lot in the case of neck pain or any kind of inflammation. Like rosemary oil; it soothes the blood flow and create warmth when massaged over the affected area.

Herbal ingredients-

Herbal cure for pain
Herbal cure

There are many herbs which are meant to cure pains and inflammation. Like, you can use ginger and turmeric combine to cure neck pain. Hot cow’s milk with a pinch of turmeric powder heals a lot in cervical pain. Many other herbs like chamomile, Valerian, jatamansi, skullcap etc are the herbs which combats tension-related pain.

Massaging and acupressure therapy-

Massaging and Acupressure
Massage for cervical pain

In case of muscle related ailments, massaging techniques really works; it makes you feel relaxed and combats the pains. Same in the case of acupressure, when you press the special points related it becomes an effective-healer.

Just below the hair portion; back side of neck press the points below the skull. It will cure the neck pain with a great ease. Use mustard oil or any herbal; oil and massage the shoulders, neck portion and massage the head too. This will give an immense relief.

Yoga therapy for Neck pain:-

Yoga for life
Yoga for neck pain

Now, lets move towards one of the best and obvious cure for neck pain or ay kind f inflammation. It is called Yoga; it is a simple physical activity which has hidden many therapies in it. Following are 3 yoga poses which are meant for neck pain cure. So, lets proceed-


Gomukhasana/Cow's pose
Gomukhasana Yoga pose

Gomukhasana also known as Cow pose is one of the best poses for neck pain. In this your whole body is concentrated; the breathing is normal in this and you should carry it according to your capability; exertion of power can even increase the symptoms. Its regular practice tones up your whole body and keeps cervical pain at bay.

Steps for Gomukhasana:-

  • Kneel down on ground or Yoga mat; your upper body should be straight and looking forward.
  • Now take left hand from down side and right hand from shoulder side. Hold tight both the hands so that your body is straightened.
  • This time you should be inhaling and exhaling in normal. Stay on the pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  • Repeat this 4-5 times.


Bhujangasana/Snake's pose

The word is derived from Sanskrit word ‘Bhujang’ which means ‘a snake’. In this your body gets into the pose of a rise-hood snake. It is a very important pose which helps a lot to keep away disorders and ailments. For cervical pain, it is one of the compulsory poses.

Steps for Bhujangasana-

  1. Firstly, lie down on floor from belly side. Your hands should be pressed on floor as it will become support to rise your abdomen part.
  2. Now, while inhaling using your hands as support rise your abdomen part.
  3. Stay on the pose for few seconds as per your capacity.
  4. While exhaling come back to the floor. Repeat this for 3-4 times.


Dhanurasana/Bow pose
Dhanurasana pose

This word is derived from a Hindi-Sanskrit word ‘Dhanur’ which means ‘bow’. In this your body tends to be like a semi-circle or a bow. It tones up your whole body and is very beneficial. This should be regularly practiced for a toned-up and a healthy body.

Steps for Dhanurasana-

  1. Lie down on floor; on a yoga mat. Your feet should be apart and your arms by the sides of body.
  2. Fold your knees and hold your ankles.
  3. While inhaling, lift your chest up and pull your legs upwards.
  4. Look front with a smile on your face. Do not overstretched your body as it can cause damage.
  5. Stay on the pose for few seconds and while exhaling come downwards. Repeat this for 3-4 times.

So, these were the complete description of Neck pain and its cure with home remedies. One thing, you should not be sedentary as it is the root cause of all the disorders. Be physically active and health-consciouss. So, take care and live well!



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