Ayurvedic and herbal cure for heart diseases

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Heart is one of the most delicate part of our body system. It is located in middle of the just; just behind the rib cage. It is a muscular organ which pumps blood through the blood vessels present in circulatory system. It looks like a behold fist and is divided into four chambers; upper left and right atrium; lower left and right ventricles. Heart is one of the major organs in human body; as a fact a healthy heart without any human interference can live up to 400 years!

Human heart
Human heart

Even after the death on individual, the heart is still working; only if death occurs due to other reasons except heart diseases. Here, we will be talking about heart diseases and its cure through the natural way. Nature has provided us everything; as a base the precious human body. Human beings are the fabulous creation of god. They are gifted with intelligence, sensing organs, intellectual ability, speech and many other thing. Human beings are the most complex organisms on earth.

Heart diseases:-

Nature gifted us precious body with invaluable organs; heart is one of them. Because of several factors; especially human negligence we guys have invented many maladies as well as disorders. Earlier, when India was the land of saints; there were no diseases at all. Everywhere it was peace, happiness and melodious life. It was like heaven on earth! As time passed, human brains developed and got attracted towards western culture.

Heart diseases congested heart
Heart diseases congested heart

Diseases are termed to those unwanted things or maladies; that can easy affect a weak and incapable body system. Those diseases that are linked to heart and can damage your heart are termed as heart diseases. It can be minor as well as major; from simple congestion pain to by-pass/ open heart surgery. They can be genetically transferred or due to other extrinsic factors. With the development of science and technology, may remedies and treatment were invented.

In the present era, to treat the heart disease is not a big deal! But the challenge, it to treat them naturally and make it as earlier. Actually, this is not possible in the field of allopathy and homoeopathy. Well, let’s have a look on modern treatments too.

Allopathic cure for heart diseases:-

Glimpse of Heart surgery
Glimpse of Heart surgery

Allopathy treatment or Modern treatment implies to the treatment which is characterized by several drugs, surgeries, injections, transplants and many more. By reading this line, you guys must have turned scared! Although, none of us wants our skin to get pierced with needles or torn with operating knives! For heart treatment, it depends upon the severity. If you are getting cholesterol problems or heavy beats then several medications are prescribed which goes with long-term dosages.

Many those who have developed Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) or blockages above 70% will be prescribed for surgeries and stent operation. You must know, that once operated your heart gets decreased with its life-span! In the developing countries, CHD’s and other heart issues are common. About 15.7 million people are suffering from CHD’s in urban areas. According to WHO, 25% of heart diseases are caused by drug abuse and smoking.

In addition, it is also accompanied with many diseases like throat cancers, esophageal cancers, oral disorders any more. One thing; stress is the main reason for heart ailments. You can notice, when you are stressful and worried; your ability to perform and thinking ability gets frozen! You are surrounded with stress that develops into negativity which slowly damages your body system.

Ayurveda and Yoga treatment:-

“Ayurveda” and “Yoga” are the two things which can transform your hell life to the dream world! It has the power and spiritual strength which is suited for all; victims as well as healthy guys! You must have read or heard, thousands of years back; when our ancestors and saints used to live there were no diseases!Actually, the diet, working chores and daily routine was so fit and perfect that no mishap were allowed!

Ayurveda is the origination of India; in which the principles are spiritual-based and wholly natural. It teaches us; how to cure the ailment using spiritualism. It connects your soul to the almighty spirit. It wholly changes your physiology and transforms into a well-being body. Here we will be teaching ho to cure “Heart ailments” using yoga and ayurveda. So lets proceed-

For a better understanding and knowledge-gain, we have divided it into three parts- Acupressure, Yoga and Pranayama, Herbal and Ayurvedic cure


Acupressure to cure heart problems
Acupressure to cure heart problems

Acupressure is simply a bodywork therapy which is characterized by pressing of several pints and massage therapy. It is a Chinese traditional treatment which describes with several acupoints which lies along the channels of your body. For a specific diseases, there are specific points on body which can be massaged or pressed for wellness and eased disorders. It restores the health and balance of your body; which is the basic principle for treatment Following are some of the acupressure tips for the eased treatment of heart ailments-

  1. On your hand’s palm; both the left and right press on the middle. You can use your finger or a round base pen. Continue for 2-5 minutes. This is the master point for all the channels.
  2. Top and bottom of the little finger should be pressed; 1-1 minute each. It is the heart point. Perform it 2 hours after the meals.
  3. Stress is also the reason for heart ailments; press on the top of middle finger. It will cure heart diseases and will also erase stress.
  4. On the sole of the legs, press below the little finger. You ill feel little pain depicting the presence of heart disease in your body.

Yoga and Pranayama:-

Pranayama to cure heart problems
Pranayama to cure heart problems

Since from ages, several yogacises and pranayama techniques has been used for the cure of diseases. Not only this, these things are as the regular workouts. It is for all; those who are prone of diseases will get healthy and those who are healthy will be able to maintain it. Following are some of the Yogasanas and pranayama beneficial for heart diseases:-

  • Pranayama suits best in all types of heart ailments; but you should be casual and should not apply extra force while performing.
  • Anulom vilom pranayama should be performed in early morning for 5-15 minutes; steadily the time limit can be increased up to 45 minutes.
  • Self-healing is must; if you are going with pranayama with depressed mind then it will be of no use. Feel that you are getting cured! Those with self-confidence and truly willed for treatment will develop the signs on the first day itself.
  • After anulom vilom; bhastrika pranayama should be performed for 10 minutes in a medium speed. It’s like a natural By-pass!
  • Udgeet pranayama, Bhramri pranayama should be performed equally twice a fay for 10-10 minutes each.
  • Agnisar kriya, kapalbhati pranayama is compulsory for heart patients.
  • Keep in mind, tough yogasanas are not meant for heart patients. Minor yogasanas and butterfly pose is also applicable.
  • One with heavy disease, should perform shavasana and mandukasana.

Herbal and Ayurvedic cure:-

Ayurveda for heart disease cure
Ayurveda for heart disease cure

All the herbal remedies and medicines are derived from nature itself. They are free from side-effects and extra medications. Now, we will move towards some Ayurvedic medications and will feel like our disease is getting cured in the lap of nature!So, have a look-

  1. Bottle gourd juice is very beneficial for heart patients; add 7-10 leaves of basil, mint and 2-3 black pepper. Make juice and have it twice a day. If possible; have bottle gourd curry in daily diet. This will be very useful and will cure in an eased way. If you are suffering from asthma or joints disorder; then have it in warm form.
  2. Take a cup of arjun bark; 1 glass of cow’s milk and 1 cup of water. Boil them till 1 cup of liquid is left. Have it 1 cup daily. This will dissolve the blockage and will also bring your heart in the natural form.
  3. Intake 2-3 buds of garlic in an empty stomach. This will relieve in congestion and is beneficial for all kinds of heart ailments.
  4. Hridyamrit; an Ayurvedic medicine should be taken 2-2 tablets twice a day.
  5. Take 5 gm of Moti pishti, 10 gm of Akik pishti and Sangeyasav pishti 10 gm. Mix well and divide into 60 doses. Take it twice a day with water.
  6. One with heart ailment should have cow’s milk daily; its like a natural medicine!
  7. Cow’s urine with basil leaves should be taken in an empty stomach.

It is said that; God resides in everyone’s heart! Then why we are replacing god from devastating maladies. Keep your heart healthy and free from maladies; you will feel as god is residing in your sol-heart itself. Guys. everything is possible when we start thinking positive! For major heart diseases, we all claim that now the last option is surgery only. Why last option? In panic, we have stopped listening to our soul. None wants surgery; we must know if the disease is originated from body then its treatment is also present in the body only! Guys, proud to be an Indian, its incredible and divine traditions.

Live pure, stay healthy!

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