9 ways how to erase tough Blemishes from your Skin naturally

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Everyone wants beautiful and spotless skin. Blemishes are one of those tough skin problems, which snatch the beauty of skin and makes it look shabby. Today we will be telling some of the natural ways to remove blemishes naturally and effectively.

What are Blemishes?

Blemishes are the dark patches that are one of the major dermal issues since ages. It is very different from other skin ailments. Blemishes can occur in any part of the skin like knees, lips, hands, face etc.

Blemishes have been a very critical yet distinctive skin problem that is still in research. You must have seen a brown colored layer above the skin. This is what called “Blemishes”.

Blemishes on chin
Blemishes on chin

How Blemishes occurs?

The origin of blemishes is deep inside the skin cells. Most of us get hopeless about this; some common thinking is like; it can’t be cured, It has no remedy etc.

But in order to cure and prevent it, we guys have to go beneath all the surveys and treatments. We have to conclude what are the scientific reasons for this.

Causes of Blemishes and other skin problems:

We humans are born with clear and natural skin texture. All the scars and dermal issues occur afterwards. Due to some hormonal and pectoral factors, we get a genetic drift of some kinds of scars.

In our present world, we are well introduced by the environmental pollution and its harmful effects. It is very casual for present generation to suffer from disorders.

According to experts and dermatologists, these blemishes and dark patches can be the result of various skin errors. It can be genetic, hormonal imbalance, aging factors, malnutrition, harmful UV rays, environmental changes and so on.

To cure these we people prefer cosmetics, beauty clinics and all those expensive alternatives. But it is a kind of misconception itself.

What cosmetics and beauty treatments do?

beauty products
beauty products

Actually, cosmetics and other products help to hide scars without clearing them wholly. The best and effective treatment is hidden in our natural surroundings.

Nature is the best form of treatment. It has no side-effects yet satisfying results. Let us march towards our mother nature. I am sure there you will find the cure of all disorders.

Let us come back to our respective topic. Here we will be talking how to cure the blemishes through natural ways. So, have a look on the following points.

Natural ways to cure and erase blemishes:

natural beauty treatment
natural beauty treatment
  1. Radish and curd together are the best kind of cure for blemishes. Apply the mixture of radish paste and curd on our face in equal amounts. After 5-10 minutes, rinse off your face with lukewarm water. Use it twice a week. You will be surprised and will get optimum results.
  2. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This is also a fit logic for blemishes. Include 2 apples in your daily diet. You can also apply some apple pulp on the affected area. It is a very simple and effective remedy for blemishes.
  3. After using a lemon slice, don’t throw it away. Apply some white salt and turmeric powder on it. Now rub it softly on the affected area as scrub. Its regular use is best for blemishes.
  4. You can also use some ripe tomato pulp on your face. The Lycopene and beta-carotene present is responsible to cure blemishes and all kinds of minor dermal problems.
  5. Lack of sleep can also result in blemishes. 7-8 hours of proper sleep is called Beauty sleep. It works like a miracle.
  6. Apply some fresh cream with few drops of rose water on your face. The lactic acid present is capable to erase all the scars and dark patches giving you a soft and glowing skin.
  7. Before going to bed, clean your face with mild face wash and apply some Vitamin E retinol cream on your face. It will help to keep your skin moisturized and blemish free.
  8. Before going out, apply some good quality sunscreen on your whole body. It doesn’t matters whether it is cloudy or sunny day. The UV rays are always liable to damage the skin in any climate.
  9. Hydration of body is very important. Drink at least 8 glass of water in a day. It will prevent all kinds of ailments related to skin, hairs and health.

So guys, these were the tips how to prevent and cure this shabby skin disease. To cure these is not a big deal. Just ample nutrition and proper care is required.

Hope you like the post. Share it to all and do share your experiences with us. Take care and live well!


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