10 Helpful Ways to Live with an Injury


If you want to appreciate your life more, try living with an injury. And as you watch all of your plans go spiraling off into the bushes, you will find yourself promising the universe that you’ll never take your health for granted again. For now, however, you have a long journey ahead of you, one with the power suck your motivation dry and leave you with only two possible assets on your side: (1) your doctor’s orders, and (2) this quick list of tips and best practices to help you complete your normal day-to-day activities, as painlessly as possible.

Here you go:

ways of living with an injury
1. Stick to Your Yoga

Perhaps your body is currently crying out to be left alone, but you can speed up the progress of recovery by pursuing any physical activity, which will also remind you of how useful your body still is. Speak to your instructor, explore lighter poses which don’t demand participation from your damaged area, and use fall mats in places where you exercise. Fall mats provide extra cushioning in the event you take a tumble while exercising or getting in and out of bed.

2. Getting Dressed

In regards to the daily task of putting your clothes on, you’ll want to avoid wearing anything too tight that is difficult to remove and won’t fit over any plaster bandaging anyway. Furthermore, buttons, zippers, and shoelaces could cause unnecessary hurdles in your routine, so stick to velcro while sidestepping high heels in order to prevent any accidental trip-ups.

3. Make Your Home a Safer Place

There should always be a clear pathway from point A to point B. Start by altering your furniture set up, removing all clutter, and getting rid of those nasty loose rugs which are trip hazards just waiting to happen. Relocate your sleeping area to the ground floor, keep every room well lit, and always have your phone on your person in case of emergencies.

4. Bathroom Time

Bathrooms are an area where ample mishaps await, so casually skip over wet tiles by using a non-slip mat and consider a shower seat if mobility is an issue. Cover any casting to protect it from moisture damage, always keep toilet paper in an easy to reach location, and use an electric toothbrush if your dominant hand is out of action.

5. Keep Your Mind Active

For some, the most frustrating aspect of an injury is feeling like a burden, especially if you live with other people. If this is the case, you can still do your part by completing certain chores while sitting down, such as folding laundry or drying dishes. You should also continuously stimulate your mind by completing puzzles or playing strategy games, which will help avert any depressing thoughts of uselessness.

6. Small Purchases Can Go a Long Way

There are plenty of obvious material items on the market which can help you during your recovery, such as a rolling desk chair which grants you mobility without standing up, a large sock to pull over a leg cast to warm the toes, and a pair of soft gloves to supply padding against any crutches.

7. Shopping

Your usual shopping errands are not going to be the straightforward venture they once were, and so you may want to look at services which deliver groceries to your doorstep. However, if a trip to your store is unavoidable, then stock up on food to preempt the need for a return visit. Just be very careful of isle obstacles and wet floors!

8. Cooking

Focus on simple meals, perhaps even healthy microwaveable options if need be, and always look out for plastic cutlery, paper crockery, and mugs with massive handles to minimize breakage. Also remember to cook in bulk, freezing your leftovers to skip any meal preparation next time.

9. Don’t Push Yourself

One little fall could set your rehabilitation back by months, so be patient and make peace with your situation in full knowledge that nothing you do will have a quick solution right now. And who knows? This daily practice of keeping calm could end up teaching you some very valuable lessons about relaxation!

10. Ask For Help

If you need to be driven somewhere or require an extra set of arms to carry your plate to the table, don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help. Furthermore, if someone offers their services to you, graciously accept and show your gratitude in any way you can. At the end of the day, your loved ones want to help you, and when it is their turn to be struck by the wand of misfortunate, you will be there for them.

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