What is Acupressure treatment and how it effects your body

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Will you believe, just by pressing some points of your body, several disease can be healed! This is called Acupressure treatment. Today we will be telling you the basics and the effects of acupressure on human body.

What is Acupressure Treatment?

The system of putting pressure, on the different parts/points of the body, as prescribed to cure several illness is called acupressure. It is a technique of curing disease, without any painful procedures.

acupressure treatment

acupressure treatment

What are principles of Acupressure Treatment?

As any other treatment method, this treatment too accompanies several principles which cures disease.

  • According to Acupressure, every disease is cured  by treating a body as single unit comprising of the physical and emotional forms.
  • It also says that all the main centers of the blood circulating nerves, nervous systems and glands are located in the palms and soles of  the feet.
  • In this system, pressure is exerted  on the pressure points located at different parts and from there the energy is circulated to all the nerves, leading to the curative actions.

Now let us see how actually, acupressure effects your body. You all must be getting excited to know, how this treatment actually works.

How Acupressure effects your body?

  1. Acupressure system removes all the foreign matter out from the body, and produce necessary elements by the internal immune system.
  2. This method awakens the electrical forces of the body, produces power, energy and activeness to the body.
  3. It creates flexibility to all the muscles and tissues of the body, which regulates the functioning of all endocrine glands like thyroid, pituitary, pineal. pancreas etc.
  4. It cures the deformities related to bones, thus curing 50% of all disease.

Number of Acupressure points in the body:

Acupressure points

Acupressure points

It has been described by acupressure experts that, total there are 669 acupressure points in body. However, in daily application, mainly 100 points are of great importance.

These are located in different parts of the body, known to cure different types of diseases.

Time for Acupressure:

Normally Acupressure can be done anytime. However, if acupressure is applied for the stomach, intestines, liver and pancreas, then it should be done on an empty stomach or two or three hours after the meals.

Well, performing acupressure before meals is an ideal time.

Duration of Acupressure:

Depending upon the type of disease, pressure on the specified points should be applied from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, at each reflex center. While applying pressure on any point, full care should be taken about the capability, otherwise the patient may also feel faintness.

Normally, it should be there for twice a day. In case of excessive problem, it can also be done thrice a day.

In this way we saw the basics and common things about acupressure treatment. It is very effective treatment, which must be known to all.

Hope you like the article, share this to all and do share your experience with us. Take care and live well!


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