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Top 10 Eyeshadow that are Perfect for Any Occasion

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When the fall is nearing, everyone starts to prepare on how to look great and attractive during the holiday season. When makeup is applied appropriately, it defines a woman’s eyes, making her to look more elegant and beautiful. Eyeshadows come in different colours and types and the results of application will depend on the quality of makeup used. When choosing eye makeup ideas, select the one with colours that pleases you and nearing your skin tone. Some of the eyeshadow palettes contains colours for use on limited occasions while others have all the colours to fit on any occasion. Below are the top 10 eyeshadow palettes that can fit on any occasion.

1. Benefit Eyeshadow

Benefit eyeshadow palette contains cocoa shimmer and boi-ing primer to complement your beauty with a dark dramatic and lovely look. This eyeshadow is sold together with eye contour kit containing two brushes to facilitate easier application of makeup. Benefit eyeshadow palate have neutral colours that are suitable for use any time for any occasion. Beauty experts recommend eye makeup ideas of buying eyeshadow palettes with colours close to the natural colour of your skin and neutral colours that can be used on any event.

2. Naked 2 Eyeshadow

Naked 2 contains colour that are not bright, providing you with a neutral appearance that can fit anywhere. This product have dozen different colours, making it possible for you to have a wide range of colours to select from. This is a recent cosmetic in the market and it is highly trending due to its tremendous results. Application of this makeup will enhance your features, by giving you neutral looks, dramatic eyes and everything that you wish to get from the makeup.

3. In The Night Smokey Shades

As the name suggests, this makeup contains different bright colours that are suitable for application when going out at night. The colours are classy and can also be used during daytime to complement and match with your outfits. This eyeshadow palette 12 different colours, with gorgeous spectrum of violet shadows. This product contains elegant shades, with variety of cool neutral shades. This eyeshadow comes with a double brush and finishing sparks.

4. Lamora Best Pro Eyeshadow

This is an elegant eyeshadow, which is made of high pigmented shades, which can easily blend and give you an attractive and dramatic look. This product is made of high quality ingredients, making it suitable for use on all skin types. It have a mixture of natural colours, which can easily blend for beautiful, dramatic and smokey eyes. This eyeshadow is available at an affordable price.

5. La Girl Eyeshadow

This product comes packed in a magnetic case containing a double sided applicator and a mirror. It contains a collection of dimensional colours that can be used on any occasion.

6. Lorac Pro Palette

It contains 16 eyeshadows, which are ultra-pigmented. This eyeshadow have different attractive colours that can be used on either dry or wet skin. The shades are neutral and looks great on everyone, giving you a shimmering dramatic look.

7. Coastal Scents Eyeshadow

This consists of numerous colours that will fit anywhere and can be used to complement various items. It have 252 stunning shades, making it easier to get a colour that matches with your tone. This product can blend easily and look good on every skin type. This product features mineral oil and mica, which helps to smoothen the skin around the eyes.

8. Naked Eyes Colour

It contains different shades of colour, which are not too dull or too shouting. This makes it suitable for use on any event. It improves your skin perfection by leaving your skin with a metallic finish. This pallet is sold at an affordable price.

9. The Blushed Nudes Eyeshadow

It contains 6 matte shades and 6 shimmery shades. This enables it to be easily blended and fit on any occasion. Eye makeup ideas recommend using a palette that can be blended easily and look great on everyone.

10. Colour Me Buff Natural Eyeshadow

It comes in 12 different colours which will give you a gorgeous and natural look. It have a double sided brush that can be used easily to blend colours and give you a dramatic look.


Eyeshadow is used to enhance your eye features and complement your look. Some of the eyeshadow palette have colours that can be used on a specific event. When selecting makeup it is good to find the one with assorted colours for it to meet your different needs. Chose an eyeshadow that can perfectly fit on any occasion and leave you looking great.

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