Health vs Taste; What one should choose for better life

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Since from years; Health vs Taste has been a question! We all love tasty foods but also need health. So what to do. Here is an awareness  what one should choose among health and taste.

Graph of Health vs Taste:

If we notice, then we can find out that few decades back the mortality rate in human beings was low as compared to today. There are many reasons for this great difference like; change in climatic conditions, increased pollutants, impure consumables, price hike and many more.

health vs taste

health vs taste

But amongst all these, one of the most dreadful one is ‘difference between health vs taste’. Here these two words not only depicts the nutrition value and calorific value but also gives a light towards the health declining factors: leading a sedentary lifestyle, unhygienic practices of drugs, lack of physical activities and so on.

What people do?

Today 9 out of 10 youth prefers having samosas, fries, chips, hamburgers, pizza, ice creams and desserts as an evening meal instead of nutritious food stuffs such as fruits, green salads, veggie sandwich, grilled vegetables etc.

What this indicates? Clearly it can be said that these guys are marching towards illness and unhealthy future. “Health vs Taste” this has became a question now.

Everyone hesitates to choose the health. The reason behind it is, people just concern about the short span tactics that is not a bit good.

fast food for health

fast food for health

Dreadful consequences of eating junk food:

The part of time they takes for munching their tasty stuffs are glorious for them but had they ever thought what the result of these treats going to be. After getting passed from yours food pipe, these stuffs acts no more than a slow poison.

Slowly slowly its excessive intake makes your immune metabolism tiered and feverish. This is actually the first symptom of depletion. This dreadful process continues and continues and continues.

Having fast food has become a trend; a kind of fashion. Why this? Even a small kid knows the advantages and disadvantages of fast foods, why don’t youth apply their common sense and reject these hazardous consumables.

We all know this; where the advancement is a miracle, there itself it is a curse too. It depends upon the user in what way these technologies are utilized.

Advanced life; Merits and demerits-

Science has given us many things that relieved our lives; converted us into well-advanced humans from the homosapiens. On the other hand, today it has become a curse also.

Science invented weapons an tools to protect ourselves, to preserve our motherland; not to kill, not to fight wars. Appliances like mixer grinder, remote controls, televisions, washing machines, vacuum cleaners have made us inactive. These appliances are good if used in a limit.

Now-a-days, children prefers to play video games on their computers, playstations etc. These gadgets are declining them not only physically but mentally too. In place of all these, many outdoor games can be the alternative such as football, basketball, and tennis etc., these games focuses their muscles and overall personality to enhance.

Not only this, the challenge to show the best, the team based gaming, helping each other gives birth to morality and automatically helps to be a good and responsible citizen.


If clearly and core identified then we can find out that the main reason for 60% of life taking diseases are changing in food habits only. Just take an example of obesity; sounds very easy one but is a great starting of all diseases.

Junk foods are like time bomb for our health and life; still this bomb can be diffused by proper exercises and maintenance of our food taking habits.

In this 21st century, intake of junk food is very common for everyone; but those who take are unaware that they are going to destroy their own life. These food stuffs contain bad cholesterol increasing agents and a lot of sodium content in it that is very fatal and injurious for health.

Consequences of having fast food:

Studies have proved that those people who are habituated of consuming these types of food items get prone of several diseases. The basic cause and inter relationship between diseases and junk food is that the core reason for any type of disease whether it is major or minor one; is always the changes in dietary supplements from healthier to slain stuffs.

If we commit that dermal type of diseases are not the inheritance of fast food habits then it is totally wrong. Because we can see that when the intake of junky, oily and sodium rich food increases it gradually ruptures down of metabolic system and makes us feel fatigue.

Not only this because of the breakdown of strong immunity pathogenic attack starts, and in that circumstance there seems to be no any protecting shield specially in the outer layer i.e., skin. It leads to the formation of many dermal infections like itching, hypersensitivity etc.

All these ailments turn us into a disease-affected individual. Many more disorders like some stressful ailments as depression, diabetes, obesity etc may take place. Junk foods are really like a slow poison that acts as a time bomb in the body. Still the bad consequences of fast foods can be minimized.

In this most of the individuals prefers dieting for few months. But it is not true; as we know that when we stay hungry or away from delicious food stuffs, the time when we get it again is really hazardous, the logic behind this fact is we eat too much food after dieting, and our body tends to get obese.

So those who are really addicted and can’t help themselves can follow a simple routine that will take less and gives more than expected. Junk foods are not bad, it converts into health declining item only when proper workout and exercises lacks.

So, main thing is; Burn the calories, that you intake. Even if a small amount of calories will get deposited and if this process continues then the future result will be very disastrous.

So in the battle of Health vs Taste both can be the winner, at the same time they can become friends too only when proper maintenance and workout is there.

Eat tasty food, but only when it is healthy and free from extra carbs. Hope you like the post, share it to all and do not forget to leave a comment below.

She is a learner and health conscious person. She is always interested in seeking knowledge regarding Ayurveda, herbal medicine and Yoga to cure any health ailments naturally.

She holds a Bachelor Degree in Alternative Medicine and interested in Naturopathy.


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