5 Indian traditions which are beneficial and scientifically proven

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India is known as the land of traditions and culture. In every state, there lies different traditions which has their own aspects and importance. Today we will be telling about 5 Indian traditions, which has their utmost scientific importance and beneficial to all.

Many of us consider Indian traditions, as superstitions and backwardness. But it is not so! Do you know, our ancestors and religious persons created this culture, as these  always meant for human goodness.

If you are also one of those, who think these as backwardness, then et ready to change your mind. The following given article will surely change your mind about Indian traditions.

5 Indian traditions with scientific importance:

1. Bowing on feet-

touching feet of elders

touching feet of elders

It is a age old Indian culture, that we bow head and touch feet of our elders and great persons. Responding to this, they put their hand on our head and bless us.

Do you know, this practice also has its own significance and benefits. Touching feet and as they put their hand on our head, creates a magnetic field there. Hands works as receptors, which transfers positivity into our body.

Also, all sorts of good things  and blessed nature comes into our body.

2. Making pony on head-

ponytail on head

ponytail on head

You must have noticed, many people especially men making a small knot-type or pony, on the back of head. This is mainly seen among bramhins. Do you this thing also has its own scientific value.

According to health experts, head is the main part of our body. All the veins and arteries meets at the center part of the head, where brain is located. When we tie a pony there, all the energies gets activated.

3. Wearing Bangles on hands-

wearing bangles tradition

wearing bangles tradition

This is an age-old Indian tradition, where ladies are seen wearing bangles on hands. Married and unmarried, both type of woman prefer wearing bangles. This adorns your look, and also has scientific significance.

On our wrist, there is the web of veins. Wearing bangles, increases blood circulation and vibration in your hands which balances your blood pressure. These Indian traditions are really best, isn’t it!

4. Piercing Ears

ear piercing

ear piercing

Piercing ears is also beneficial from the view of  science. It is an age old tradition in India, that ladies pierce their ears and nose. Now, men has also started piercing their ears. Do you know, the ear lobe where we pierce, is the acupressure  point. Both acupuncture and acupressure, relies with the property.

So this is not just a trend, but also a scientific thing to maintain your health.

5. Fasting

fasting for health

fasting for health

In India, fasting or vrat is a very important part of Indian tradition. Almost all the festivals are followed by fasting and sometimes it gets very strict even. Fasting is also beneficial from the view off science.

According to Ayurveda, human body is a self-running machine. It works continuously all day and night, till death.. The regular process of digestion, sediments several toxins in our body system, which makes it the birthplace of diseases.

Fasting at least once a week,  cleanses these toxins and flush out of the body.  Thus, everyone should fast weekly or as per the capacity.

So these Indian traditions are extremely beneficial for us and should be followed. Hope you like the post, share this to all and do share your experiences with us. Take care and live well!


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